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  1. Hi everyone... can anyone explain me how to integrate Admob rewardedVideo ? already installed Admob... Notice.. My admob is (using admob;) not (using googlemobileads.api; or something) and anyone have idea how much cents i earn from completed video ?
  2. Hi everyone.. Finally i've developed this game within 10 days... PhysicsSolver My first game i've published.. you may notice bugs/glitches.. you can just leave a comment! PhysicsSolver |Android Game ----- My upcoming game will be better than this x20000 time.. they told me your idea has not been taken from anyone and Unique one!
  3. Hello everyone, My admob ads/banner is not showing... look at the script : using UnityEngine; using GoogleMobileAds; using GoogleMobileAds.Api; using System.Collections; public class adShow : MonoBehaviour { public static void RequestBanner() { #if UNITY_EDITOR string adUnitId = "ca-app-pub-9894714472576646/8444146016"; #elif UNITY_ANDROID string adUnitId = "ca-app-pub-9894714472576646/8444146016"; #else string adUnitId = "ca-app-pub-9894714472576646/8444146016"; #endif // Create a 320x50 banner at the top of the screen. BannerView bannerView = new BannerView(adUnitId, AdSize.SmartBanner, AdPosition.Bottom); // Create an empty ad request. AdRequest request = new AdRequest.Builder().Build(); // Load the banner with the request. bannerView.LoadAd(request); bannerView.Show (); } }
  4. Thank you as it's my first game to be made. i'm really happy from you - and this is not fully showcase with my current progress. let's it be surprise .. I'm 16 years old.. and i don't know if any guys with 20+ age will like it or not. That's why guys i need your feedback and suggestions
  5. PhysicsSolver .. I know some of guys here .. hate something named with "Physics". (i hate physics too) but you have to know Life won't exist without all the physics around us. Without friction, you won't be able to walk, stand. Imagine this, physics is still intact and you are standing somewhere. Now physics seems to be gone, friction is gone with it too. If you are not standing absolutely perpendicular to ground, you fall on the ground. Now? You hit the ground, but the story does not end here, you start sliding on the ground to the direction which has slightest slope, you start gaining speed and then you hit whatever comes in your way. But you won't be able to stop whatsoever. Even if you hit a wall,you will start sliding all over again. No matter what you hold on to. Nothing will bring you to rest and you will die with multiple collision. PhysicsSolver is about solving and answering the physics questions ? scary to lose ? no problem.. the game is not about winning or losing . it's about you have to learn physics! With this game you love Physics and i'm sure! here's some of progress.. %35 done ----- Main Menu : Store (beta): Options : Stages : Stage 1: Stage 1 -> Mission 1 : ------------ What do you think guys ? can you please rate this from 10 ? well this is my first game ^^ ----------- Have any suggestions ? leave a comment!
  6. ggj17

    BTW i'm in the lab rightnow.. do you have any idea how to destroy a gameobject on triggerenter2d ? The object is image not an object you thinking 'bout BUMP 3 hours left
  7. ggj17

    My game is about hackers sending virus waves to the servers
  8. ggj17

    48 hour no time....................................................................
  9. Hello Buddies.. The global game jam will start in 5:00 pm.. which means 2 hours left.. Anyone will be online to help me if they can ?
  10. ggj17

    Thank you very very much!
  11. ggj17

    You're welcome. Thank you
  12. ggj17

    Hi everyone... I've registered for Global game jam 2017 , creating a game within 48 hours! 20-22 Jan! Could you give me great & simple ideas to create a game ? Thank you GL for me ----- PS : we will have internet access so i will use this website when i need a help
  13. Thank you ! problem has been fixed. PS : sorry for the late reply..
  14. 3D Game
  15. Hello everyone , Basically let me introduce to my game... Name : ColorCatcher (may be changed later...) About the game (Android , IOS): Basic , All you have to do just touch on the colored balloons and it will be destroyed by the method ["Destroy(gameObject)"] and count + 1 & displaying on the UI.Text I use playerprefs to count how much balloons I've destroyed My problem is : The first balloon i touch on it , Counted and displayed on the UI Text , 2nd/3th/......100th is not counted but getting destroyed! ---- Scripts Balloon Movements : (Seems no errors on it..) Balloon Spawning: (Seems no errors on it..) Balloon Destroying & Counting! : [ERROR ON THIS SCRIPT] Okay. This is what I've setup [Sorry There's no screenshot ] : HideBall script is putted on "Score" "Score" = UI.Text = "0" Based on the Hierarchy --------- the Balloons is not on the Hierarchy , it's on the folder called "Prefabs" in Project file. --------- If this is not helpful , i can take screenshots/Video ---------- But please help me I've googled and it wasn't helpful for me Thanks for Reading