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  1. Thanks for the feedback, Ill be using all the feedback I can to better the game
  2. if you are asking for it to be able to use 2 animations, one for normal and one if empty just goto where it activates the reload in the weapon script and copy everything then make an if-else statement, paste all that in the else and paste it again under the if, except change the animation it plays to the other animation you want. you could do like public class reload if (reloadTactical == true){ put script to reload tactical here } if (ammo = 0){ put script to play empty reload here } if (reloadTactical == false && Ammo > 0){ put normal reload script for playing the default animation here } btw thats just a concept, do not try actually copying and pasting that it will not work
  3. Sorry for Bad frame Rate, i'm using a laptop. Music is from the portal 2 OST: Portal2-02-Concentration_Enhancing_Menu_Initialiser Portal2-01-Science_is_Fun Portal2-04-The_Courtesy_Call Most of the assets are place holders, the game is mostly just a concept right now, just wanted some input from you guys. The game saves your health, inventory, location, level and XP. Which transfers through out the scenes. The game not even near a alpha, input would be appreciated. possible multiplayer similar to destiny style with the inventory system.
  4. Thanks, I did find a way, but it is not as efficient as this, Thanks everyone for helping
  5. I found it out i had to essentially just seperate everything more, use this here is the new code: private var weaponIndex : WeaponIndex; private var Primary : int; weaponIndex = weaponsInUse[0].GetComponent("WeaponIndex"); Primary = weaponIndex.setWeapon; PlayerPrefs.SetInt("Primary", Primary);
  6. Thank you for submitting but sadly it did not work
  7. this is the Error I get: Assets/_Resources/Scripts/Player/WeaponManager.js(58,12): UCE0001: ';' expected. Insert a semicolon at the end. not saying thats what is actually wrong with this line but there.
  8. Set weapon is a int var inside of the WeaponIndex scritp
  9. var WManager = weaponManagers.GetComponent("WeaponManager"); Primary = WManager.weaponsInUse[0].GetComponent("WeaponIndex").SetWeapon; PlayerPrefs.SetInt("Primary", Primary); this only comes up with one error now and it is having issues getting the variable weaponsinuse from WManager, any thoughts on why it cant find it? error: Assets/_Resources/Scripts/LockCursor.js(60,36): BCE0019: 'weaponsInUse' is not a member of 'UnityEngine.Component'. weapons in use is a GameObject[] inside of WeaponManager script
  10. I am using oma's fps kit and i need some help saving the currently equipped weapons id's to 2 different player pref int's. after that im sure i can figure out how to load them. accessing it from a different script would it be something like this? var Primary : int; WeaponManager WManager = FindObjectOfType<WeaponManager>(); Primary = WManager.weaponsInUse[0].FindObjectOfType<WeaponIndex>.SetWeapon; PlayerPrefs.SetInt("Primary", Primary); This is just my concept and showing kinda what i hope to accomplish, it is not ment to actually work
  11. You too
  12. Thanks man, i legit had no idea these few years i have been doing this how the hell did i not know that.
  13. Thanks, aparently i have been using unity wrong literally my whole life. I legit would wonder for hours why the mesh was fucked up
  14. the photo in blender is just after i modeled it the photo in unity with the messed up mesh collider is after i exported it, the last photo is what i want it to look like. someone please explain why it does this or at least what i'm doing wrong, ignore the last one only showing the blue lines
  15. well, it did once, it is supposed to turn(enable navmesh) every time it cant see the player, then it would print it again. but it doesn't. it acts like the raycast only shoots once, or something.