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  1. You "somehow" know how AU Modern FPS was programmed. Lets narrow the situation down a bit, shall we? 1. You did not develop the game. 2. You were not given the project by OMA. 3. Based off your reputation so far, it seems like something that you would do. This is all an assumption, which in my opinion makes sense. So before you go into "rage mode", think about what you have said on the forums this far.
  2. To be honest, this sounds really... untrustworthy. The fact that you are looking for a team after what you just said is appalling. You admitted to using a pirated asset (which you are not supposed to have downloaded), also, the fact that you may have decompiled a version of the game is an extremely bad thing. After what I've read so far, I wouldn't bother "joining" a team like this. But thats just me... I wish you the best like I do with everyone else. However, I'll tell you this; the road that you are going down can get you into some serious legal issues. Best of luck!
  3. 3d models

    That is AMAZING! Great work!
  4. The reason why you aren't joining a room when connected to a lobby is because of this void OnJoingedLobby() { PhotonNetwork.JoinRandomRoom(); } Change the above to this... void OnJoinedLobby() { PhotonNetwork.JoinRandomRoom(); } You misspelled "OnJoinedLobby" which is why Photon you are not automatically directed to a Photon room. Hope this helps
  5. Thanks for your opinion. What color do you suggest me changing it to?
  6. Thanks for your opinion! I agree with you about the green text, what color should i change it to? You are right! Whats funny is that I was actually watching one of their videos and my game is going to be called "Exiled". I keep getting mixed up between the two names, apologies. This has nothing to do with Exnite, sorry about the confusion!
  7. Hey guys, Need your quick opinion on this. How does this look? Cheers! Edit: Just realized that the game title is called "Exnite", I meant to type "Exiled", my bad. This has nothing to do with the project Exnite.
  8. Very nice!
  9. I highly recommend starting with the networking first. Build up your base, then work on graphics, models, characters etc... I also recommend using Photon, it is very easy to learn. At least for me it was :).
  10. public Animation anim; void Start () { anim = this.gameObject.GetComponent <Animation> (); // make sure you have an animation component attatched to the gameobject. } void Update () { if (Input.GetKeyDown ("r")) { // if the player presses the key "r". anim.Play ("Animation Name"); // this will play the animation that is assigned in the Animation component. } } Make sure that you have your animations marked as legacy, if you don't this script will not work. In the above example I made it so that if the player presses the key "r" the reload animation will be played. Obviously you will replace "Animation Name" with your actual animation's name.
  11. Thanks for your replies guys! I ended up upgrading the newest version of Unity and that seemed to solve my problem. Thanks again
  12. Thanks for that! That really helped as well :).
  13. Thanks for your reply buddy! That definitely helped me out! I might pm sometime if I have any questions. Thanks again!
  14. Thanks
  15. Sweet! Thanks for the share!