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  1. Before loading the next scene use a IEnumerator to black out the screen. I'm assuming that you are using the UI system to black out the screen.
  2. Check to see if there are any errors in the console, if so, that could be a possibility why you are getting this error.
  3. Please show your current progress as well as what your project is about if you are looking for team members, as well as payment (if there is any).
  4. Right when I read this line I thought to myself I am not interested. But this could just be me based on past experiences...
  5. Yes, well at least the networking portion. Since Unity 5.1 and onwards does not support Raknet anymore. Try learning Photon or UNET.
  6. Great job! That looks awesome!
  7. Thanks OMA! That worked perfectly!
  8. @OcularCash - thanks for that! I can convert a single string to lower case letters. The issue for me is converting a list of strings inside a list to lower case letters.
  9. Putting x = x.ToLower () does not work because it is a foreach iteration variable therefor you cannot assign x. I may be wrong though
  10. Welcome to the Forums! I'd also recommend using OMA's FPS kit. It is definitely a great starting point.
  11. Thanks! This is going to help a lot!
  12. @OcularCash - thanks for your reply. I did use string String.ToLower, however, that still did not work for me. Check in the Start function, I'm pretty sure I didn't do anything wrong whilst converting all the strings in the list 'namesThatAreNotAllowed'. Thanks for your reply
  13. Thanks for the link, I looked at it and am having a hard time understanding it. I'm going to give it another try and understand it. Thanks for the link too! I am not looking to check if the password is right with the database/using PHP. I would like to know how to do the following... Getting all the strings to lower case in the list 'namesThatAreNotAllowed'. - Checking if 'displayNameInput.text' includes a string from the list. Thanks!
  14. using System.Collections; using System.Collections.Generic; using UnityEngine.UI; using UnityEngine; public class PHP_Register : MonoBehaviour { // Variables public InputFiled displayNameInput.text; public List <string> namesThatAreNotAllowed = new List <string> (); void Start () { foreach (string x in namesThatAreNotAllowed) { x.ToLower(); Debug.Log (x); // When I debug "x" the strings in the list 'namesThatAreNotAllowed' are not all lowercase. } void AttemptRegister () { if (!namesThatAreNotAllowed.Contains (displayNameInput.text)) { // I need to have this line so that if 'displayNameInput.text' includes a name that is not allowed from the list 'namesThatAreNotAllowed' it will not allow the user to register. // Start Register } else { Debug.LogError ("Please chose another name."); } } } Hello Everyone, I'm making a Login System that I am planning to submit as an asset to the Asset Store. I need some really quick help, if you don't mind. I have tried to make a name filter and it sort of worked, there are only two problems... - Getting all the strings to lower case in the list 'namesThatAreNotAllowed'. - Checking if 'displayNameInput.text' includes a string from the list. Thank you for your help!
  15. Looks like there used to be something wrong with the camera view and now he fixed it?