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  1. I highly recommend starting with the networking first. Build up your base, then work on graphics, models, characters etc... I also recommend using Photon, it is very easy to learn. At least for me it was :).
  2. public Animation anim; void Start () { anim = this.gameObject.GetComponent <Animation> (); // make sure you have an animation component attatched to the gameobject. } void Update () { if (Input.GetKeyDown ("r")) { // if the player presses the key "r". anim.Play ("Animation Name"); // this will play the animation that is assigned in the Animation component. } } Make sure that you have your animations marked as legacy, if you don't this script will not work. In the above example I made it so that if the player presses the key "r" the reload animation will be played. Obviously you will replace "Animation Name" with your actual animation's name.
  3. Thanks for your replies guys! I ended up upgrading the newest version of Unity and that seemed to solve my problem. Thanks again
  4. Thanks for that! That really helped as well :).
  5. Thanks for your reply buddy! That definitely helped me out! I might pm sometime if I have any questions. Thanks again!
  6. Thanks
  7. Sweet! Thanks for the share!
  8. Attach a script to your bullet so that when the bullet collides with a game object with the tag you desire it will instantiate the blood particles. I recommend you reading about Collisions if you have not already: I'm sure there are other ways to do this, this is just the more 'simple' way to do it I guess.
  9. So I am currently saving each player's friend list in a PlayerPref's key. Which is probably not the best idea, right? I still don't understand how I would make my friends list go to my database.
  10. Hi Community, So I've created a friends list, I can add friends as well as join their games and get their status. However, I want to make it so that the player has to accept a player's friend request before the friend is added to their friends list. I'm a List to store the player's friends at the moment. I could also use PHP, but I just can't figure out the logic behind this. Thanks!
  11. @tom80550 - that looks amazing!
  12. Very nice idea! I'm definitely going to use your idea. Thanks!
  13. Hi everyone, I need your guys's opinion on how I should setup my main menu in my game. The main should include: Friends list (vertical), profile (kills, deaths, coins, hp), news, as well as a load out. Here is what I have so far: Thanks!
  14. And he still needs a team...
  15. @Zhavier - thanks for your reply! I'm going to give that a try soon.