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  1. The idea by doing this in php is really nice (y) i would do it that way. I mean you are running a server for the game already a small php script wont hurt. But the 2nd idea, i dont think it would work out well since in my case i do only acess emails through browser and dont even have an emailing programm (like thunderbird or that windows thing) installed or set as default emailing programm and i guess im not the only one who would have trouble using this method
  2. neat to know! I actually did it in blender by rigging the highpoly and the lowpoly with the same bones, than just import the .blend and jou have 2 meshes using the same bones, so u can just disable the highpoly and enablle the lowpoly mesh without anything elese to worry about.
  3. this want ment to be joke tho, to express how hard im not supporting this
  4. OMA, pls implement a dislike Button
  5. as far as i know you need to send the password as clear text (could be wrong about that since that doesnt make sence) in oder to log in to googles smtp, could be different with other mail servers but even if it will encrypt your password you could reverse engeneer the password by reversing the actual binary or just scan for strings in the binary... not sure but you might actually be able to find the password string in memory at runtime (all those operations might take a little time tho.)
  6. Pretty helpful (Y) i just wanted to note here that it might be pretty unsafe to use since you have to provide the password for your email account. That way it could be hacked via reverse engeneering or pretty simple network/traffic sniffing/monitoring (for egs. using wireshark) so be aware of that
  7. actually i dont think translatin the engine from java to c# is the way to go. -none of both can be translated in to native code directly -syntax of both languages are basicly the same -performance (on windows) is basicly the same on unix systems c# is defenitly slower (cause of mono/wine) -c# depends on .net (windows only) / java depends on jvm (nearly all os supported) (that makes porting the engine to another os extremely easy) i dont know if its just me but i think you should at least keep the java source since i really dont see any advantage in coding it in c# (exept already existing liberies, wich could also be translated in to java within days) p.s. i do really support your effort and of cause you are free to do whatever you want with your engine. Also according to your previous posts you made on this forum im sure the engine will turn out to be really well done. All i want to say is: Keep up the good work (Y)
  8. yeah ... but its actually pretty sad that it takes that long to only reach 5% nvm. once i got the main stuff done and got some more time i will be able to progress a lot faster
  9. 1st of all bake a normal map from the highpolymodel to the lowpoly 2nd go to tools on the left and switch shading to smooth 3rd apply the normal map as normal map texture to the lowpoly ull loose some detail but the most of it will stay
  10. Thank you it was actually time to upload sth. new :
  11. i do still have the Bootcamp demo from asset store but im not really sure if im allowed to reupload/share the files with you :/ also im not at home to check the license. I should be home around christmas and ill see what i can do (Y)
  12. mhmm too bad to hear ... maybe check out the blender forums you might team up with somebody .... I might also be able to help out with smaller objects but im not a professional as well and also i got limited time atm.
  13. i do really enjoy arcade top down survival shooters and i think that the angry bots demo does also provide a pretty good start for such a game (Y) i thought of something along the lines of this:
  14. @Madmax to be serious here you don't provide any information about you and your game, also 7 Characters in an nearly undefined style (sry. but cartoon doesnt describe anything really) in 2 month ... lets see: -finding a style reference and also set quality reference -design 7 characters -modeling 7x lets say 1h if ur fast -baking normals + texturing and everything else related to material design ... lets say also 1-2h each -rigging should be pretty fast lets say 1h total (-animations) and you do think anybody would apply for this whithout knowing about ur team and especially doesnt know if he/she will ever get payed for it... well if you are serious about searching for a character designer you should at least provide some more information (maybe screenshots of your prgress etc.) and also guarantee for payment