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  1. Nope ! It still doesn't dispose the www properly. It is just happening on iOS so I searched how I could fix it for now and found this topic: Saying that adding : [ release]; in : UnityDestroyWWWConnection(void* connection) in could fix the issue, but the problem is is now using ARC and doesn't allow to do this anymore. Thanks for the answer !
  2. Well ! I found that I needed to use that (here : Resources.UnloadUnusedAssets(); Now in the editor, I get a constant 40 mb memory usage. The problem is that when I try the app on iOS, it crashes after a bit of using. Saying crash due to memory usage (and the iOS profiler tell me it's using more than 300mb of memory...) On android, everything is working fine as well as in the editor. I have no idea what could cause this leak on iOS... If anyone have ever experienced something like that, it would be really helpful to share with me ! If that could help, Unity is crashing only at the end of the iOS build (for Android it is working fine), in xCode, I get more than 300 warnings but the app builds and works... Thanks !
  3. Hi ! I'm currently creating some kind of social networking app for mlobile. Everything is working fine except when loading something from the database (using WWW). When I load something from it I'm getting some kind of spike of CPU... The problem is that for this kind of app, I really need to load a lot from the database. Does anyone have any tips to optimize the way I could get infos from the database ? I'm currently doing something like this to get infos from the database : WWWForm theWWWForm = new WWWForm(); theWWWForm.AddField ("friend", friendName); theWWWForm.AddField ("me", myUsername); WWW data = new WWW (System.Uri.EscapeUriString("https://MyWebsite/FolderPath/ScriptToInteractWith.php"), theWWWForm); yield return data; Here's the profiler ScreenShot (for example when I load photos) :
  4. platformer

    Really good looking graphics ! Perfect for this kind of game !
  5. I've finally bought UTNotifications from the asset store. I'll see what I can do with it !!/content/37767
  6. Hi ! I've almost finished my app in which I have a messaging system ! I have made notifications in-app (coming from my database) but what I need is to do the same but out of the app (the badges on the icon of the app and the message appearing on the screen). The problem is that I don't know how these kind of notifications works and when I search for "push notifications on unity" in Google, I only find the notifications that we write ourself (not from the user who is sending the message). So I'd like to know how I could do this ? Or if there's anything on the asset store to do it for me ! Thanks in advance
  7. Ok ! The problem has been solved ! I tried the live chat a few times until I could get it to work and ask my question, but when I had the opportunity to ask my question, the staff solved my problem as soon as I told them about it ! It was apparently an issue at the registration with the domain registration. Thank you for your help Connor !
  8. I only received two emails : - one with my billing infos - one with my customer infos No activation link... :/ I'll try to call them ! Thanks for the answer !
  9. Hi everyone ! I've recently purchased a new hosting plan on hostgator (hatchling plan) for a one year period and a domain name ( The problem is that I can't see it in the manage domains section and my domain is still available to register. I tried to use their live chat system to ask the staff why, but it seems that even the chat doesn't work because when I click on the Send Message button, it doesn't send my question ! So, I'm asking there if anyone has ever experienced that kind of problem (if you were on hostgator) and could help me ! It would be great ! Thanks in advance ! Here are some screenshot to have a better look on my problem :
  10. This is my entry : Scream In The Forest. Here's the explanation of the game : A plane crashed in a forest. Several passengers survived but there are strange things in the forest. (Appearances, shouts). The passengers are not feeling safety in the forest, they decide to leave it. However, there is only one motorcycle in the forest and it does not have gasoline anymore. It is necessary to find a jerry can in the forest and the motorcycle to escape. But other passengers will not let with you make because they want to leave this place too... This game is multiplayer. You are dead if : - your Scare level > 100 - someone cut you You win if : - You find the Jerry Can And the Motorbike Vidéo : A part of the video has been accelerated to avoid boring you !
  11. I will make screenshots tomorrow and if people join the server tomorrow, I will make a video. Thanks !
  12. Nope only my own models and all my scripts but I used models from my other project : Never Alone. But all the scripts are made by me. The map is also not made by me, I bought the nature pack and modified it a bit.
  13. Due to some bugs while testing it with other members, the trailer test will be pushed away to another date sorry ! Hi all, Here's a game that I have made. I made the game in less than one week only for challenging me but then i thought it will be good to improve it and make it multiplayer. Here's the version that I made in less than one week : Here's the story of the game : You were in plane but it crashes, so you wake up in a forest with a flashlight and a knife but you are not feeling very good in this forest, because of some apparitions, so you try to leave it but the only chance to get away from this forest is to find a motorbike and a jerrycan in the forest but be careful, other people in the forest won't let you get away from this forest because there's only one motorbike... This is a very early WIP alpha version so the cinematic, models and other things are just placeholders, it will be improved later. Here's the WebPlayer : If you want to help me make the video trailer of this game, just play it the 09th august 2014 from 12.00 a.m. to 1.00 p.m. and join the room which will be called "TrailerTest" and you will probably be in the video trailer.
  14. I will pay attention to what you said. Thanks for the reply. I will fix that for the next update Ps : You can't use the car until you have collected a motor, a wheel and a jerry can. Normally it should have a Gui label but i probably had a problem with that. I will fix it too
  15. Here's a little horror game that I have made in less than one week. I just used some assets from the asset store (One that I bought : Nature Pack) and free ones (Like the damaged old car and the jerrycan). Be careful, this game is a HORROR game, so it can be very scary !!! Controls : WASD : Move Click : Pickup F : Turn on/off flashlight