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    I'm a Level Designer/3D Modeler still a beginner and also I can play the piano :)

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  1. Sorry but the game is still early in development so no playable version for the game is available
  2. Nice to see that your interested in game development, can wait to see what kind of games you produce
  3. good job a massive improvement on the old kit
  4. Hello Guys, Its been a long time since the last blog, but i haven't given up on the game yet! The game has been renamed to Tango Down as it is a much more better title than Armed Assault (which is the acronym for ARMA) also the files for Armed Assault got deleted. Anyways continuing on, I've started to upload the updates for Tango Down down on YouTube and i have finally made a studio somewhere on earth with some amazing teammates to help me with the project. Check out out most recent update to the game and support us on YouTube
  5. Animations in my opinion
  6. So the name may be the same but the map layout is completely different that is what matters
  7. Yeah, The map originally looked like this as i was making it for AU Modern FPS Screenshot 1: Screenshot 2: As you can see all i did was add extra props from the asset store and changed the textures
  8. If i wasn't making this map for the tutorial then yes i would make my own props and stuff, it is only because i am using this for the tutorial that i deiced to do this also
  9. Hello Guys, another map which I'm giving away mainly because this map specifically is going to be used as part of a tutorial series which i am going to make on how to make maps so enjoy. Screenshot 1: Screenshot 2: Screenshot 3: Screenshot 4: Download Link: (Coming Soon)
  10. Ok
  11. Wait what made you think that I hated you, really dude I have nothing against you it's just that i've been busy with other stuff that I don't reply to messages I'm sorry if I offended you
  12. Hey Guys, It been a long time since I've posted anything on this forum, furthermore it been an even more longer time since i've released a map so i do have a new one for you guys which is a huge improvement from the original battle arena Screenshot 1: Screenshot 2: Screenshot 3: Download Link: Also the reason why its called BattleArena3.0 and not 2.0 is because i made it for Modern FPS if you want to take a look:
  13. This topic is more of a pm but I'm also interested (unless he obviously models and animated his own guns then....)
  14. Man you always make such good models good job
  15. It looks good but the screenshots are not that great