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  1. I ll think about it , i would like somethink more personnal , im gonna buy a domain today and do my website i think .
  2. 1 . Learn to read , really ... 2 . my english is from high school and may be a little bit rusted , its not my main laguage , french creole is my main language , then french my second , i also talk english and a little deutsch (deutsch less than all)
  3. I ever did , playstore is overbooked of runner and of app , better go for another platform than android atm
  4. Do you think if i would pay for Product Idea and business plan i would come here lol, thats why forum exist share help disscuss , and im not asking for a plan im asking for advice about mading model for free and the doability of shrink it with adfly
  5. Hello there , happy new year to everyone and i wish you all the best for this new year So , today i would like some advice , android game developpenment was so much disapointing for me (not much download /low ad impression = fail ) ... Im actually looking for somethink more interresting to win some cent lol if someone got any idea to make money im taker xD (may be sell drug xD , joke ...) but i m looking to make untextured model for free (textured would take me to much time , texturing is my black beast) and put it in a website with 1-2 ad/page and shrink models download link with adfly like site I would like some advice , if i should do it or not , if it worth a try , also legaly about adly like site if its legit to do it ? Thanks in advance PS : ALL USELESS POST SAYING WHO SHARE THEY IDEA FOR FREE PASS YOUR WAY I DONT NEED YOU HERE ...
  7. clearly , post over here are true also , and BlazenUpGames i dont wana tell you what to do , but they are telling truth to help you grow , you should really listen them, with all latest game graphic and innovating gameplay that out every day you have to be more competitive , you should try to do some modeling research , they are so many tutorial Its just a kind feedback dont take bad .
  8. i would personnaly find a god project with serious peopple to work with , but non profit
  9. Np
  10. Bicopter Finished , untextured Here for the model!BIBhSaKQ!jTSDscKnAQ2igs88ZlaAdH2DNw6gRE1gOTaYuvE0eHE
  11. np , personnaly , the drone model do that you want you can use/put/modify as you want , it was just made for fun , uv is not even modify i dont promise but if i have time , i will may be do a drone copter also for you project next update if you want but no texture also
  12. Great , omg you grow skill so fast its just epic , i hope you will find someone for texturing .
  13. Very good job . Clear and net , do you know animating ever ?
  14. try to see in edit >project setting>quality may bet the shadow dont have the good setting here