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  1. dictionary would probably be a much better solution than list
  2. Best HTTP (Pro Edition) View File Asset Store Submitter YoungDeveloper Submitted 02/28/2017 Category ADG Assets  
  3. Nitro simply adds extra to max speed? public float maxSpeed = 200f; public float nitroBoost = 30f; public bool nitro; public float maxVelocity{ get{ float value = maxSpeed ; if(nitro) value += nitroBoost ; return value; } } Slow acceleration and deceleration should be handled in your add force, after that simply clamp velocity.
  4. Thanks, well, that only means op is a sack of lying sh*t
  5. Tried it fps is awful, very spiky, tested on oneplusx went out of things to do in 2 minutes but overall idea in interesting
  6. Hardest part has always been finishing and actually shipping the product.
  7. Script will work, but not as aspected with different arguments. Yield should be yield return new WaitForSeconds(seconds);
  8. Script only positions the object corectly, but not rotate. Ill leave that for you to figure it out.
  9. it should be [CustomEditor(typeof(BaumplatzierungSkript))]
  10. Fix your tree object pivot - blue arrow should be forward (z) and green one up (y), either create a wrapper transform or property prepare the mesh before export. Tree position calculation example. public float planetRadius = 10f; public Transform worldTransform; public Transform treeTransform; void Start () { Vector3 direction = (treeTransform.position - worldTransform.position).normalized; treeTransform.position = direction * planetRadius; }
  11. Check out and this thread
  12. 2d to 3d

    If those are cubes you are instanttiating, then i should point out that it's not voxels
  13. Very beginer friendly, good job!
  14. Then i should tell you that 3d array for open world space (non chunk) environement is a complete waste and i think there isn't even a worse solution than what you consider as good in this scenario. I'd suggest get back to drawing board and start with a prototype (which i believe you have not done), there is no point of talking about low level optimizations if idea in the core itself is completely wrong.
  15. What moved you to 3d array solution if its not minecraft environment?