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  1. survival

    I have always thought, what is the main point to survive in these type of games, fun? This looks generic, but it has its own taste and it could be even better. No offense, I wish you best with this one.
  2. Its looks nice but where is trigger?
  3. I have seen something similar they might be staged.
  4. Ok.
  5. I have seen something similar made by unity, but does it support environment shadows?
  6. But you can include them its your game you make the rules.
  7. How about simple tower defense game where you are able to fight unlimited waves?
  8. Why don't you do it like this: IEnumerator GenerateWidthTiles() { while (WidthCount < GeneratedWidthTiles) { var Insted = (new GameObject("WidthTile")); Insted.tag = "WidthTile"; WidthCount += 1; if(WidthCount==GeneratedWidthTiles) { WidthTilesDone = true; } yield return null; } }
  9. Beautiful.
  10. Feeling like in Fort Knox: You should make some limits for turrets for example max 4 active in game, also make them a bit taller so player could place them in their base.
  11. I just tried out and i gotta say its pretty nice but still need to fix some things. Few bugs that i found: Aiming is off for me(not precise) and this one: I was walking around looking like this. I dont even know how this occurred. Also add bit more ammo at start.
  12. Try to reimport UnityAds package and try again.
  13. Create new game object I will call it dirObj and make sure player is dirObj parent and dirObj rotation axis is zero(modify position later if you need to). Then your rObject should be child of dirObj. then include this: dirObj.transform.forward = yourCamera.transform.forward; in Update() if something is not right tell me, I might understood you wrong.
  14. I have heard that there was a way to do this but is it worth since this network solution is obsolete?
  15. Made my day!