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  1. Personally for me, Bushido Blade.
  2. Shall we keep our needless opinions to ourselves, please? From what I read, this is only available as a placeholder. If it does not fit your needs, then feel free to redirect yourself to another resource.
  3. I stumbled across this dude's No Man's Sky shader study first time around a while back but never realized he has a whole repository of these sorts of videos. Thanks dude.
  4. Welcome to the community piankhy. If you build up a good knowledge base for yourself within the world of game design & art as well as programming, this motive will get you exactly to where you envision yourself to be in your mind. I have a similar outlook, although this is just a piece of my puzzle but surely enough if you follow your own path you will surely create your own master plan schematic for your drive in designing and creating things. Have fun, and remember: Learn as much as you possibly can. Whether it is through trial and error or through the process of soaking up everything you find to be of use.
  5. Allow it to speak to you itself. This one is for all of the intellectuals here. If you love the quantum realm, the development of human consciousness, information theory, planck-scale micro-wormhole entanglement, the world of patterns and geometry itself, the concept of a holographic universe, evolution, cosmology, biogenesis and science in general, then THIS is for you. Make of it as you will. All I ask is to approach it with an open mind, and be weary of any cognitive dissonance which may affect your first impressions. Namaste.
  6. I'm sure there is, however that is the only method I know of myself at the moment.
  7. That is occurring because image effects operate on a screen-space level. If you don't want the UI affected by image effects, I believe you can set the UI component's canvas Render Mode to 'Screen Space - Overlay'.
  8. You just have to practice playing around with the inspector variables, but you should get to know how the image effects work on a script-based level first. Study!
  9. Nice job plugging in currentQuality into a string array like that. Best way I've seen it done thus far. Thanks!
  10. Are you talking about this? You can change the lens mode to anamorphic there within the inspector.
  11. Isaak isn't kidding man, he knows whats up. The ephemeral and esoteric ideas of this world are found within oneself and soul (though I really mean the mind lol), just as the physical manifests itself outwardly. Your mind is merely a reflection of the outer. "This is the real secret of life -- to be completely engaged with what you are doing in the here and now. And instead of calling it work, realize it is play." -Alan Watts Though, if you are not open to expanding yourself with psychedelics and consciousness enhancing material naturally of this world, I can understand. If that is the case by any chance, I may recommend a research topic? Anyway, moving on I'm willing to give you my personal go-to cheat sheet to a few things. 1. Go on walks, long or short - preferably with a pet, a person, and even just with yourself to soak up the energy of your own solitude. I prefer to go with friends on nature walks [with a notepad, and some glasses 'cause I'm blind AF and seeing the skyline on a mountain top is essential for the process personally, as you get to see the horizon of what you don't know yet]. 2. Window gaze, either from home or a nice view in a coffee shop- where ever you fit yourself to feel the most comfortable in where your creativity may peak. 3. It's vital to indulge into the understanding and foresight of others' perspectives. Present your ideas and thoughts to your friends (open minded or not, rise above)! 4. I enjoy meditating to some nice ambience to get myself into my own personal wonderland playground. Feel comfortable with yourself, eat right, feel right, think limitless. But don't let that construct of thought misplace the light within you. 5. Follow the eternal, blissful child-like ember that rests in your chest. It will not fail you, my friend. I promise. Encapsulate your state of mind as a youngster and try to remind yourself how you felt and how you thought of things as a child playing video games. Starfox, Pokemon, Super Mario, Ape Escape, Crash Bandicoot, Jak and Daxter, Ratchet and Clank, Dragon Ball Z, Destroy All Humans, Spyro the Dragon, The Legend of Zelda, Ty the Tasmanian Tiger, Vexx, and an infinite multitude more of these sorts of beautiful creations of the past all inspire my state of mind when consciously, cognitively and intuitively brainstorming ideas to bring into existence. As Isaak said, and I quote: PS: Learning is your best friend. When you find yourself in the position to be acquiring new information, data, or new model sets in your mind, try and incorporate it into your ideas! Expand your very existence out into the cosmos and you will never fail yourself. Knowledge and know-how is power, but imagination?... Imagination is ultimate reality. Surrender yourself to your own expressions. I wish you nothing but the best, and good luck!
  12. Pretty dope dude, may you achieve everything you have envisioned.
  13. She's a beaut m9
  14. Here are some text effects I have created. VARIATION 1: A linear transition from UI text being displayed, to no UI text being displayed. Simple. VARIATION 2: A transition consisting of a gradual 'crossfade' between alpha values. Pretty!
  15. I think it is absolutely necessary to incorporate an object pooler into a project which involves a heavy load of instantiations and the destruction of game objects. So, I give you mine as an early Christmas gift to the community here. Note: This object pool is based off of Unity's live training session example, originally done by Mike Geig. I've just customized it with a bit of logic to further its capabilities and usefulness for my specific project. And of course, a deactivation method:
  16. I'll clarify that one thing with you. The reason to as why geckoo and I thought that the term tasteless was the perfect fit because considering the things that have happened and how society is set up, lets just say an overwhelmingly large majority of people would not be okay with it- and tastelessness (socially shunned or outcasted, in this sense or case) is exactly that in the eyes of society. I hope that can sum up the means of that input. And if you're making it for you and your homies to experiment with, by all means go ahead. I just wouldn't get your hopes up in terms of having it released publicly/commercially. Topic locked.
  17. I have nothing to clarify with you. If you want to make a game of the such, then do it. However, don't go making a thread asking around if others would play something like that if you can't take the criticism. Have fun with debating this with the others when they wake up/get on. Nonetheless, I wish you the best. You're obviously not insane and are just looking to keep an open mind, and I respect that. However, it is difficult to discuss these sorts of things with the majority of individuals. Not only that, but the legality of the game and the promotional sector of the process is something you would have quite the trouble with.
  18. Intuition: The ability to understand something immediately, without the need for conscious reasoning; A thing that one knows or considers likely from instinctive feeling rather than conscious reasoning. Meaning, you're too out of your mind to understand that there are limits. You clearly lack your own intuition, which is why you misunderstood me and the fact that no one with any moral ground would develop such a video game to be "enjoyed".
  19. My intuition.
  20. Look up the definition of the term tasteless and the explanation is yours.
  21. Wow this is quite the interesting way of doing it. You know what they say: Give a room full of programmers a task and you'll get a different result from each of them. Nice work geckoo
  22. while (WidthCount < GeneratedWidthTiles) { GameObject tileX = (new GameObject("WidthTile")); // Tags each tileX gameobject with "WidthTile" tag, however make sure you have added the tag within Unity first, or else you'll get an error. tileX.tag = "WidthTile"; // Nests the tiles under root gameobject (where script is added). tileX.transform.parent = transform.root; WidthCount += 1; if(WidthCount==GeneratedWidthTiles) { WidthTilesDone = true; } yield return null; } Also, please note that you are running a foreach loop within the update function. That is a big no no. However, regardless of that matter now, you can remove all of the code from within your update method since those two lines I gave you do everything you needed that you attempted to execute there.
  23. If you're looking to learn, this is an absolute great resource [I highly recommend it for beginners]. If you're new and are truly searching to learn and wish to pick up the patterns of programming (qucikly), this is it. I blew through the full C# course in about 2 hours and found it to be as magical or just as useful as CodeCademy, with the exception that this resource contains a multitude of courses other resources do not have available. TLDR; There is a mobile app version available. It is awesome. Have fun. Note: The courses may feel a bit limiting to some extent, however I think this sort of learning resource is primarily useful for those who wish to get their feet wet enough so they have the courage and understanding to tackle a programming-design challenge on their own. Happy programming!