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  1. Private message me on this forum whenever.
  2. Hey, so I ended up remembering there was an FPSWalkerEnhanced script released a while back that will do the things you envision, although it will require tweaking to suit the vision you seek for the controller's precise functionality, it is a viable solution to a relatively complex controller. I grabbed the script, edited it a bit, and have packaged a small scene with two prefabs pertaining to the QUAKE and CS setup. They aren't exact, but they can get you started.!M5o1DQxT!EO8raKqSo_V5n8JSrMnSRuiYhGbS9TPHIKK_iummpzg Now it comes down to what you would like to be exactly done, which comes with objective thought pattern. Anyway, I hope this guides you in the right direction. When you have a good idea of what you would like to be done (thought out in points), I'll be happy to assist you in the logic setup.
  3. Don't worry, I'm setting up the controller in a way that will allow you to tweak everything to match what you would like. It will have limitations, don't get me wrong- however it will allow you to have a base to work off of similar to what CS and QUAKE have.
  4. That wasn't quite an objective approach to the explanation, however I know exactly what you're looking for; or at least the part where you explained in regards to the player's rigidbody friction when moving/strafing as well as the gravity factor, not the vision you implied where you said: I'll see what I can do with what you've explained.
  5. If you may explain the movement system within objective terms, I may or may not be able to help. However, you're going to have to be very specific in terms of what functionality you would like.
  6. 2D: 3D: I recommend for you to download the standard assets package and play around with it, as it contains everything you need to get started. Analyze and indulge into the code within the package. It has 2D controllers, 3D controllers, roll-the-ball and ground/airborne vehicle controllers at your disposal.!/content/32351 And remember, have fun. PS: If you'd like to attempt what you need by yourself if that comes to a last resort, here is what you need to understand to get the results you long for.
  7. Thank you, learned a bit from this.
  8. I absolutely love this. The black fog in the distance is so reminiscent of old-school video games. Keep doing whatever you're doing, I love the imaginative work.
  9. Are you speaking of shaders? If so, you're going to have to write your own if you'd like to have a crease/stencil effect present. These specific shaders aren't too hard to create, although they will require knowledge of course. There are plenty of CG tutorials across YouTube at your disposal.
  10. Can be quite troublesome if in the wrong hands. Nonetheless, great discovery and method of application.
  11. These are actually pretty nice! I enjoyed pretty much all of the cinematic tracks, they've got a great energy to them. Thanks for the contribution man.
  12. Personally for me, Bushido Blade.
  13. Shall we keep our needless opinions to ourselves, please? From what I read, this is only available as a placeholder. If it does not fit your needs, then feel free to redirect yourself to another resource.