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  1. Are you speaking of shaders? If so, you're going to have to write your own if you'd like to have a crease/stencil effect present. These specific shaders aren't too hard to create, although they will require knowledge of course. There are plenty of CG tutorials across YouTube at your disposal.
  2. Can be quite troublesome if in the wrong hands. Nonetheless, great discovery and method of application.
  3. These are actually pretty nice! I enjoyed pretty much all of the cinematic tracks, they've got a great energy to them. Thanks for the contribution man.
  4. Personally for me, Bushido Blade.
  5. Shall we keep our needless opinions to ourselves, please? From what I read, this is only available as a placeholder. If it does not fit your needs, then feel free to redirect yourself to another resource.
  6. I stumbled across this dude's No Man's Sky shader study first time around a while back but never realized he has a whole repository of these sorts of videos. Thanks dude.
  7. Welcome to the community piankhy. If you build up a good knowledge base for yourself within the world of game design & art as well as programming, this motive will get you exactly to where you envision yourself to be in your mind. I have a similar outlook, although this is just a piece of my puzzle but surely enough if you follow your own path you will surely create your own master plan schematic for your drive in designing and creating things. Have fun, and remember: Learn as much as you possibly can. Whether it is through trial and error or through the process of soaking up everything you find to be of use.
  8. Allow it to speak to you itself. This one is for all of the intellectuals here. If you love the quantum realm, the development of human consciousness, information theory, planck-scale micro-wormhole entanglement, the world of patterns and geometry itself, the concept of a holographic universe, evolution, cosmology, biogenesis and science in general, then THIS is for you. Make of it as you will. All I ask is to approach it with an open mind, and be weary of any cognitive dissonance which may affect your first impressions. Namaste.
  9. I'm sure there is, however that is the only method I know of myself at the moment.
  10. That is occurring because image effects operate on a screen-space level. If you don't want the UI affected by image effects, I believe you can set the UI component's canvas Render Mode to 'Screen Space - Overlay'.
  11. You just have to practice playing around with the inspector variables, but you should get to know how the image effects work on a script-based level first. Study!
  12. Nice job plugging in currentQuality into a string array like that. Best way I've seen it done thus far. Thanks!
  13. Are you talking about this? You can change the lens mode to anamorphic there within the inspector.