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  1. Title says it all, really. Its for a horror game, not much lines needed. If you are good, i can pay. but would prefer free - as im low on moneyy Have a nice day, everyone
  2. hey friends! i need a VPS for my Unity Master Server.. Can you guys recomend any? thanks.
  3. I'm on, but i'm not going to write js. add me on skype tho Magnus1254
  4. My question goes: Is it worth to download the current version of w10 why? Why not
  5. Hello guys, i would like to learn more about Photon, and how to use it. But i rly cant seem to find any good videos / books out there for it. So i was thinking do you know any good Photon Tutorials? Thank you.
  6. Thank you!
  7. Welcome my friend!
  8. Hey guys, so im creating this online game. Today i ran into a problem, creating a RPC. i got this: function OnTriggerEnter (other : Collider) { if(other.transform.GetComponent(CharacterInformation) != null && other.transform.GetComponent(Bullet) == null) { networkView.RPC("applydmg", RPCMode.AllBuffered, other); } else if(other.gameObject.tag == "Ground") { Destroy(gameObject); } } @RPC function applydmg (info : Collider) { if(info.transform.GetComponent(CharacterInformation).team != transform.GetComponent(CharacterInformation).team) { info.transform.GetComponent(CharacterInformation).ApplyDamage(damage); Destroy(gameObject); } } The problem is that you cant send a "Collider" with a RPC. RPC's only support: integer, float, string, NetworkPlayer, NetworkViewID, Vector3 and Quaternion. So how would i send this RPC?
  9. Welcome man, Im from Denmark too, and good luck with your project
  10. I appriciate your help! Now my codes look like this: function OnTriggerEnter (other : Collider) { if(other.transform.GetComponent(CharacterInformation) != null && other.transform.GetComponent(Bullet) == null) { if(other.transform.GetComponent(CharacterInformation).team != transform.GetComponent(CharacterInformation).team) { networkView.RPC("applydmg", RPCMode.AllBuffered, other); Destroy(gameObject); } } else if(other.gameObject.tag == "Ground") { Destroy(gameObject); } } @RPC function applydmg (info : Collider) { info.transform.GetComponent(CharacterInformation).ApplyDamage(damage); } And i dont see how this makes any diffrence? + i get the same error
  11. thx for the help,call me a nab. But don't understand what you mean?
  12. Themars, i know. I allready said tha, if you read the post Im asking how i should send the information, without using a collider?
  13. Hey you guys! I will of cause pay you for the script But how much money? Depends of what YOU think, and how good your script is. Ok im looking for a ai script. If you know the game League Of Legends, i want the minions they got. I want the minions to: *Move to the first turret *When turret destroyed move to next. *If there is a player close attack him instead. *Check which player is closest and attack him (The game is online) *If a enemy minion is close attack him instead of the turret or the player. Hope any of you can help!
  14. Would anyone be interested if i made it? Would you buy it? What price? it will be with login and register it saves your character to the database it saves your characters clothes to the database Magnus
  15. Okay so im not sure how to explain this, but im going to do my best. Lets say we have 2 variables: private string name1= "" private string name2 = "" and then a system i have that says: name1 = "Magnus Peter"; now i wanna know how to check if, name 1 have a space. And IF it have a space, i will take the rest (peter) and add it to name2 instead. Thank you! Magnus
  16. Worked perfectly man!!, played around with the idea for an hour, and finaly.. FINALY IT WORKED! I reff you, and @DaBossTMR for the fantasic support! youngdeveloper helped me out, but i ref you for the fantastic support!
  17. thx for the help, but i get this error? :/ not all codes return a value. Also, i dont see how this would work? Cause i have like 2 names, not one. And i want the one part to be name1, and other part name2? : thx anyway
  18. The name 'stringsplitoptions' does not exist in the current context? New error :-/
  19. and this: cant convert string expression to type 'char'[]
  20. Man i get this error: Has some inviald arguments.. :/
  21. im gonna see if this work, then i get back from work. Thanks..
  22. Because i get the information by a php file, via wwwform
  23. Oh, thank you so much! forgot all about that command.. But i still need help with the rest :-/
  24. Hello everyone! I have a problem, i just cant figure out.. :/ How can i make so, that if 10 players search for game, they get match up together? Like in league of legends or cs:go