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  1. I want to put it with tag. that a specific object render something like this: if(SphereCollider.gameObject.CompareTag("SSphere")){ renderer.enabled = enabled; } but this doesnt work..
  2. yes that might work. but the code? Im not being able to understand it
  3. I want to know how to create a prefab or an object invisible in the scene but it can still be able to interact with the scene. But when its collided with a trigger to make it visible and continue working the same way as it was before? if yes, how can it be done. Im not being able to understand the code. an Example. lets say there's a boll rolling, but it is invisible. it still keeps rolling and interact the same way as it is not invisible. but when it gets inside the trigger it will be visible for the camera. and when it gets our of the trigger again it will be invisible.
  4. lets say like a magic selector. when you press tab it pops up a menu and you can choose what type of magic you want to cast. and when select it, when press Q or some button to cast it in the direction of the mouse/hud. I've been trying to make this with the grenade script that I have. but not doing fast progress
  5. I've finding some tutorials of you really interesting. its kinda hard to find good tutorial nowadays. also, do you have any tutorial for spell selection (or something similar) or are you planning to make any similar to that?
  6. did the developers really released this? this is cool. I dont have to wear sun glasses at night while working on unity anymore
  7. thanks, but what about the code to zoom the image? I cant find it anywhere
  8. trying it. not working. maybe Im doing something wrong
  9. I know that feeling too... I've started gaming with a Compac pc with 128 mb ram. and it sucked a lot to see beautiful games and not being able to play on my pc
  10. So, I have a button with a background sprite which looks like this. and when mouse is hover. a 2nd sprite takes its place but I want to add some animation while zooming it, and to be only 1 pic, not 2 different pics. and reveal a 2nd label under the tittle. how can this be done?
  11. Also, what Gender should it be? Male Female Should it be AI?
  12. is that you? its damn good. I love it! keep it up man. also, please dont sue me because Im downloading it.
  13. Hey, welcome to the forum. If you still want to learn I suggest you to download oma fps kit. you can use it as a learning tutorial for the Mech game you want to make. if you have any question please ask any question Here. have a nice day, and enjoy the community!
  14. You're a newbie here, but you are in the wrong section. need help is few sections above this one
  15. you want to save those in FPS view? or 3rd person view?