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  1. Looks like MFPS with a new UI and a bunch of purchased assets to me.
  2. You can still download it here!EYhGhRgD!KFWgHAHEyh7OpDQBKt4RvaJO7_m7MEIsjydhczpRVfM
  3. i releas maltieplayr f p shootr kit 4 al we make in unreal unity 6 engine it good it aaa all asset commersial uuse i provide screenshot price $500 paypal only you pay first wow look at tis it bargain for u? we make it $5
  4. You sure you made which looks suspiciously like something another AU community member made?!/content/14233 Nice
  5. Nobody is going to have it. No, you don't really need it. You want it. Download a recent version without multiplayer here. There is no multiplayer version publicly available as of the time of this post.
  6. This was posted more than 3 years ago, by the way.
  7. I thought it was over and we'd have to find a new dev community. That wasn't the case. Thanks OMA and you're the best for toughing through this situation. I think everybody lost some 'progress' on their account because OMA/the host didn't have a back up that close to when it happened. Is there any chance we'll be able to get a dark them? I like the new clean interface, I just prefer darker themes EDIT: Saw this thread and realized it costs money for OMA to get the dark theme, nevermind
  8. Goes to show what? You said on that Agario thread awhile back that you ARE RennTek. You also constantly advertise the hell out of them. So what does you, an admin, team member, or owner of this RennTek having project files show to anybody who isn't an admin, team member, or RennTek?
  9. if you look closely at the hud and artwork of this and then look closely at the hud and artwork of this:!/content/26912you'll realized anybody messaging this guy is about to get scammed. I'll also post this on the second thread you made.
  10. I'm definitely interested. I also have slower internet, so I might be good to test servers on slower speeds.
  11. Getting a bit off topic but you don't need an intro at all, because nobody likes them as they're just a waste of time. It doesn't stop theft for somebody to steal the video as they can just edit out the intro. If somebody wants to know the creator, they can simply look below. I personally skip every intro I've seen, they waste the viewers time.
  12. Animations and everything are nice but the intro (and very long one) made me go full on Budd Dwyer up in here. Edit For clarity: 10 seconds of generic music that's been used everywhere while watching a name written in comic sans spin. Just spin. Nothing happens. It's just a spinning name. please no more
  13. Another "I have 1 post and the only post I have is advertising" also as mentioned before this site is super shady. Should this be against the rules if it's not already? (Advertising your site, mostly when you have never contributed to the community whatsoever)
  14. Dude. I'm just going to come from a non biased perspective. First of all: Nobody is going to join your project due to your lack of proven progress and lack of a required skill to develop a game. Then, it's even harder to get people to join your team because you're developing a project which is technically illegal and will never make it on any type of storefront or published piece, thus making a near impossible project for other developers to join. Microsoft just won't be asshats until you're ready to publish, that's when they'll bite down on you, you other pay big bucks for the Halo license or scrap your project entirely. Second: Stop being the way you are towards other members. That even makes it less likely for people to join you, because you're being a self righteous douchebag just because people are looking at it from a realistic point of view. You don't need to quit game development, just be realistic and learn something before you try to pull a team together for a project that IS technically illegal.
  15. Who was this directed towards? If it was to me, what I said was justified; he has 1 post and a fairly old account, his 1 post is shameless advertisement towards his own site, trying to pull traffic from AU and bring it to his own site, but posting this on AU. If he has had any activity on this site since he created the account, it's for the sole purpose of leeching, not being a part of the community. There's a line that shouldn't be crossed, and this is one of them. Fine, you're a leech, it happens, but to simply use the site for yourself by leeching and then advertising your competing website on the website you're basically knocking off is shameless and should be frowned upon.