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  1. Some people are just particularly loud
  2. 10 minutes later and I'm diagnosed with chronic headaches.
  3. Last night I came across this Unity Forum post for some new Post-Processing Effects. I figured not too many people might have known about this, so here's a link back to the original post:
  4. Absolutely amazing post.
  5. Do you have anything so far?
  6. 1) You're on a forum that share information with eachother for the better 2) I bet you leeched from here before 3) I really doubt it's any ingenious idea
  7. Purchasing. Seems interesting.
  8. What's the method?
  9. Rootmotion? Sounds like a bad idea for a multiplayer game.
  10. I'd hook you up with one of my team members, but the video you showed really isn't that impressive. Also you compared lord OMA's FPS with Arma.
  11. Oo, that's a bit of a stretch
  12. That's pretty crazy. I've always been the kind of person that picks something up if they need it, regardless of price (unless it's some crazy amount, or it's overpriced). Why haven't I seen uPaint before? God damn that's neat tool.
  13. Look at how old the post is. I highly doubt they'd go out of their way just to make a torrent for you.
  14. Why not use the knowledge you have in making hacks to create anti-hacks?