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  1. You drive me crazy Read my question - just read my question plz
  2. I assume that we have understood him. In this case, set your audio clip, wait your event (like a reload sequence) and play it ++ using UnityEngine; using System.Collections; public class Reload : MonoBehaviour { public AudioClip reload; // sound when player reload private AudioSource source; // you need an AudioSource component to play a sound void Start() { // I assume that this AC is on your GO source = GetComponent<AudioSource>(); } void Update() { // player reloads now - he has pressed R key if (Input.GetKeyDown(KeyCode.R)) { // available if this sound isn't playing if (!source.isPlaying) { source.clip = reload; // set clip source.PlayOneShot(reload); // play it } } } }
  3. You show us an animation panel to fix a sound problem? I try to understand ++
  4. For the third times - what is the game (or project) from which you ripped models - arms and weapons?
  5. You want to collaborate with others and trying to gather a team around your project, but you never answered to questions. You argue that this kit is better than others, but you didn't explain why. Tell me where you ripped these models - arms and weapons... Really you should realign your priority - all is so confusing. You cut yourself off from everyone. Be explicite. There is no confidence between us ++
  6. I found many bugs and it was not really impressive. OMA's kit was better. I would like to know where you ripped these weapons and arms?
  7. main menu

    Well well - maybe on older Unity versions... Now you should use SceneManager API : using UnityEngine.SceneManagement; SceneManager.LoadScene(SceneManager.GetActiveScene().buildIndex + 1); // launch the next level in hierarchy
  8. I did another script which works like the previous, using cmd.exe, but also sending output to a remote computer. I use a socket under UDP protocol and NetCat as client. As you can understand this tool works like a backdoor which could be really dangerous "in the wrong hands" - like said Heimerdinger. It is easy to integrate it in a project. For this reason, I am not really enthousiastic to share it on our forum because many kids would like to become Hackers. However, if you are interested by this code - AND if I know you here as moderator (or some premium members) - I can send you this script by mail. I would like to avoid problems and troubles for others. Take a look at the picture below to see a proof of concept - and a commands list which have been done ++ ver (windows version) dir (show directory) ren file.txt lol.txt (rename a file) dir (show directory with new name for the previous file) type lol.txt (read the file) PS : I did many other commands and all works fine. A good stuff
  9. This script shows how we can interact with a system under Windows. It allows to use cmd.exe, sending a command and displaying its output. I use the new UI to send commands which has been written in an InputField. Don't try to play with it if you have no clue about what you are supposed to do. You could break your system or lose something - files, folders or something else. It works in editor or as an application. I didn't try any WebGL, but I doubt that it can work. A good stuff if you search a way to interact with an external application ++ using UnityEngine; using System.Diagnostics; using UnityEngine.UI; public class msdos : MonoBehaviour { public Text console; public InputField command; Process myProcess; void Start() { console.text = ""; command.text = ""; // our input text field var se = new InputField.SubmitEvent(); se.AddListener(cmd); command.onEndEdit = se; } void cmd(string command) { myProcess = Process.Start(new ProcessStartInfo() { FileName = "cmd", // cmd.exe Arguments = "/k \"" + command, CreateNoWindow = true, // hidden process UseShellExecute = false, // IO RedirectStandardError = true, RedirectStandardInput = true, RedirectStandardOutput = true }); // stop input, waiting output myProcess.StandardInput.Flush(); myProcess.StandardInput.Close(); // read output and code error console.text = ""; // clean text string output = myProcess.StandardOutput.ReadToEnd(); string error = myProcess.StandardError.ReadToEnd(); // manage output while (output != null) { console.text += output + "\n"; output = myProcess.StandardOutput.ReadLine(); } // manage error while (error != null) { console.text += error + "\n"; error = myProcess.StandardError.ReadToEnd(); } myProcess.WaitForExit(); } }
  10. Отлично. Вас поздравляю! Этот плагин нам очень полезен, чтоб мы могли создать множество анимаций быстрее - и наилучшим образом. Спасибо Amazing tool which can help us so as to generate some interesting animations. Great work. Thanks. For the price - it's a gift ++
  11. It works fine - thanks ++
  12. Hi friends! I am wondering if there is a way to check the position of all gameobjects which are in the same array. Sometimes I have 2 or 3 objects, sometimes more... When they are all on the same position - it calls a function. Using GameObject.FindGameObjectsWithTag() - I have my array, but I have no clue how I can compare their position - one with others. If you have an idea I appreciate. Thank you ++
  13. Sweety Lord! I lost my mind in a lexical maze
  14. Great - as usual. I didn't know this tip - start at 1, and decrease i so as to check all GO in array. I was trying at 0, increasing i - I had an error because at end i+1 was out the array... Thank you OcularCash for your kindly help ++
  15. Upaint seems really interesting - a good stuff. I wil donwload it ++
  16. Valve is ending the Greenlight submission program, replacing it with a direct sign-up system. Instead of putting a game up for community voting on Greenlight, developers will use a new system called Steam Direct, paying a fee for each title they plan to distribute. To get a game on Steam Direct, developers will need to complete a set of digital paperwork, personal or company verification, and tax documents similar to the process of applying for a bank account - and an amount between 100$ and 5000$. We’re not sure how (or how much) Valve will vet submissions. I assume that many indie devs cannot pay a big amount of money to publish their games, but the big compagnies could continue to share bad projects. I wait to know more ++
  17. I hope that you are right - and maybe this new deal could be a real opportunity for us. I wait more ++
  18. I am ready to pay an amount so as to share a game on Steam, but I have no idea about how to promote a project. How can I gather players? If I paid 2000$ or more - I must earn money quickly, just to replenish the funds. In other case, I put myself in a bad situation :/
  19. And you think that an idea without qualities could be interesting?
  20. Really I am happy because the Steam community was not always able to understand how were cool some projects. I saw many bad games (or simply an asset available on store) which had been approved - when some amazing projects were declined because the gameplay was too clever. The big problem is this amount of money which you must pay to be released on Steam. I would like to know more about the way ++
  21. I am sorry, but here I see just another reskined project which is available on asset store :!/content/59341 It seems to me that you have did a few minor changes - nothing more. Copyright infringement but I have a doubt - waiting your answer I deleted all links. I can post them again if I am wrong ++
  22. It was my will, but as you said, there is more here than a simple tool ++
  23. Seeing this script, a big problem appears. I can easily imagine bad kids who hide a similar code in a big project for free. He could share this project on GitHub or somewhere else, releasing for free another FPS kit or another asset which noobs want. So they launch this code - and the harm is done, allowing to download a virus or an application like NetCat using FTP. Even a simple loop could create thousands files on a system. Suddenly I have a doubt about the legitimity of this sharing here. It is really interesting, but also dangerous :/ PS : mine is fully harmless ++
  24. I did many test using some commands like ipconfig, ftp, dir, mkdir, erase, ping and many others. All they work... I assume that you can destroy a system, but this is not recommended
  25. I did a script which is really efficient so as to play with a system under Windows. It is better than the previous which I wrote 2 days ago ++