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  1. Thanks alot I have been able to copy some of the files from it. Got my backup projects and few movies that I dont want to loose. Unfortunately I couldn't copy Sherlock Season 3 :/ . I am trying to get a hold of customer service since i still have few months left in warranty they should replace my HDD but they are just ignoring me.....
  2. Hey, I have a Transcend External HDD of 500 gb been using it for like 2.5 years or so and since last month whenever I try to browse through its folders or just watch a movie of it. It lags. Its becoming sluggish day by day. I found it has bad sectors now and wasnt able to repair it. I contacted Transcend twice about the problem. They replied once and as it was in warranty, I asked for it to be replaced and they stopped replying. Does this errors in HDD means the HDD is dying or is a problem with the casing? I also have tried it using different cables but same result. Hopefully someone can enlighten me on this matter. Thanks a bunch!
  3. I cant wait to play it !!!!!!!!!!! its dope mate!
  4. Thanks I forgot to put all the sprites PPU scale equal. Thanks alot mate!
  5. using UnityEngine; using System.Collections; public class PixelPerfect : MonoBehaviour { public float PPU; public float PPUScale; public float verticalScale; public float orothographicScale; public Camera camera; void Start() { verticalScale = Screen.width; orothographicScale = verticalScale / (PPU * PPUScale); orothographicScale = orothographicScale * 0.5f; camera.orthographicSize = orothographicScale; } } Hello, after looking at this link , i wrote this script to resize my orthographic camera.So now the size varies making the pixelated sprites perfect but I am worried it covers uneven areas in lower pixels. Is this the right way to achieve it or is there something else? Thanks!
  6. Uhhh, thanks i guess.I feel sexually weird now
  7. ,tick the auto join lobby option in Photon Server Setting and that should do it!
  8. I guess for cycling you can use q and e too >.>
  9. WSAD,Space,Left Shift,Left Ctril I suppose!
  10. I am so sorry to hear that mate.I hope everything gets alright soon.Mate you should take a little more time to create your projects and focus on the gameplay! You can make better game than this
  11. I havent seen his codes for this so i have no idea whether his codes are optimised or not i thought they were sorry!
  12. Not even a bit, its photon which is crossplatform and doesnt require anything more for mobiles