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  1. First person animator looking for paid work here
  2. LoL Romani xD Salut!
  3. I don't take requests anymore! sry
  4. You need to replace it with other model made by you or bought by you ! if you want to sell your game
  5. you can but is more of a placeholder but #Give #Credits if you do!
  6. Yo dude if you don't need it i strongly sugest you do not download it! and btw why do you even bother to comment? i don't need a bunch of nonsens from you!
  7. Hey have fun enjoing the model and please do not try to modify or sell it! Link:!R9tkTaAD!YkhRE5ZuQWttFvXRFeGq-TSoOD9xOvb8sNCm1GaBES0
  8. does the one from github works fine?? couse i realy look to it xD
  9. Thats a custom animation btw ! but yeah the Model is Ripped and the hands are from Counter strike source so they can replace the hand mesh and the AS Val model easly!
  10. Nice one ! Grate job
  11. Sure!
  12. Can share this rig in armedunity ?

    Screenshot (6).png

  13. I know you are a Newbie but please read what he posted first! if you want a space station it will be with $$ not for free since it is a verry big piece of work & time consuming
  14. I can do some sort of it but it not going to be as acurate + i dont have time for it to much so i will try to but i wont be able to texture it!
  15. The owner is me! And the model was made by me and 2 other friends for learning purpose