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  1. Still waiting for a GitHub version...
  2. I like the "current progress : 5℅ done" bit haha
  3. The model looks pleasing and the colors as well! Great job! Try adding a cartoon outline shader.
  4. This looks amazing!
  5. ggj17

    Holy crap I almost forgot this too. Good luck!! Toi aussi Geckoo!
  6. Nice!
  7. Come on man please just release a public repo. I really want to help. At least invite me to a private one. Please.
  8. database

    Perhaps SHA256 encryption or something more modern would be a safer option than MD5. Nice work by the way
  9. Okay, I know this might sound illegal but its the only way to get the best game ideas.... Get high man.... smoke and then listen to good music and get inspired. Its totally a mature thing to do. I do it, people who created facebook did it, infact creating programming competitions where everyone takes shots was the norm. Have fun, Isaak.
  10. They all suck, create your own or extend from a low level socket library: Unity affords one for free no strings attached. You see... networking as you know is just sockets made up of multiple layers (6 in fact) following different protocols from low level reliable or unreliable TCP and UDP to high level HTML, FTP, SSL. Each connection sends and listens to sockets on specified ports, communicating either securely or being filtered by firewalls. Once you learn how to manipulate sockets inside out, you are then ready to talk about networking. Truth is... every network library or "solution" as you people ironically call it on the Asset's store is crap in their own way. Why? Packet header size: Photon Server uses the largest packet header size which slows the network traffic ESPECIALLY with packet fragmentation... You have no idea. In each packet fragment, the insanely large packet is copied again and again alongside the data. Bolt follows the same stupidity, but offers the functionality to decrease the packet header size. Raknet... lets not get started with this pile of crap. UNET offers concise header sizes, but still most flags in their headers are useless. Whats more, UNET offers a low level version that allows you to craft packets -- sadly you only have access to the top 2 layers, whereas the rest of the 4 layers are unaccessable. Why restrict layers? Because it makes life easier to not have to think about all the flags and configuration it goes into crafting each layer. Use a low level cross-compilable C based networking library like the ones here and you reached networking heaven. Forge Networking does exactly this, and is the winner in having the lowest packet sizes. Ports and Firewall bypassing: I'm sure you've all heard of NAT, network address translation right? Basically every router can route an external socket, translating it's public IP address (e.g 156.249.756) onto your personal subnet ( so it looks like (192.168.*.*). Why is this so important? Because any socket enters your computer normally is blocked by your firewall unless it's IP is translated by your beloved router. So if you host a server, you want to make sure your netowrking "solution" doesnt fuck up.
  11. You could do a runtime check in the Update() fallback before you cast the Ray like so: Vector3 rayDir, gunDir, targetPos, gunPos; float threshold void Update() { rayDir = targetPos - gunPos; // Simple vector mathe to get direction // Clamp angle (degrees) if creater than threshold if(Vector3.Angle(rayDir, gunDir) > threshold) rayDir = gunDir; // Raycast using rayDir as directino vector /// ... }
  12. Hey, if you are still working on this project can I help? Create a github repo so I can contribute because right now it looks like you could use some help mate
  13. Hey guys Im Isaak! A programmer with a lot of experience in Unity... trust me... and making hundreds of cash using Unity. Now if you guys want to make some money too, like its completely normal. I mean, you want to not only make games... but sell them right? Ill take you through an easy step by step process into becoming a pro business game programmer. Step 1 - Stop wasting time Yes, this is totally true. The average unity user wastes about 60% of time NOT developing, being distracted by the internet... ehem ArmedUnity... or Facebook, even the unity forums. If you wanna talk and develop simultaneously follow the next step. Step 2 - Start streaming with Twitch Now here is a way to make money while doing what you do best -- that is, wasting time on Unity. Start a Twitch account here and download a screen recorder Here is the latest statistic about streaming for cash: Step 3 - Start freelancing Yeah in case you didn't know, game development is actually a job. So sign up on and start looking for bids. What are bids? They are the job offers that you game developers are competing against... like savages fighting for the last bit of food. Here is a statistic about freelancing: Step 4 - Start publishing The type of croud that are going to play your indie games are... you guessed it... indie game fans. You as an indie game developer must publish your games to indie game websites like or The publicity will start to roll in a week, and the cash will come. If you want more publicity, get into contact with indie game bloggers. I mean check this out its a blog post about my game... and you know what? The moment that blog was posted, my publicity sky rocket up! Step 5 - Start socializing Become the Nikki Minaj of Twitter, where every single selfie of your sexy game will attract people's cash into your wallet. Post at least once per day, with a screenshot of your development. Use hashtags like #ScreenshotSaturday #unity3d #gamedev #optimization #unitytips #shooter #gamejam and of course... #f2f (if you're desperate haha). And perhaps use sponsored tweets once or twice per month:‎. Most importantly make sure you follow this legend : Step 7 - Relaaxxxx You are now a self sufficient game developer. Congrats and join the club. Have anything to add or say, please fell free to waste you're time on ArmedUnity commenting on this post. Cheers