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    I'm creator of the 2D SANDBOX GAME Project and Game soon.
    ALSO: Passionate in building lego robots and draw animations.

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  1. Is there password needed? In winrar? or where? To megaupload, you dont need password/
  2. Got a proposition from Techland... to... work with them... 

    I just want to eat a sandwich

  3. Wow sorry, I forgot about that package Give me a second, i will upload it somewhere
  4. Link broken
  5. @Carlos of course! It works as well
  6. Hi there! How are you today? I hope it is very good day for you everyone! I want to give you a package I made: Level Unlocking System for free. VIDEO: > Here you can DOWNLOAD for free the package: (NEW PACKAGE: 08/10/2016) Thanks for downloading: if you want to support me, send me a message.!2M4FTTKL!RPsjqZQtdycpplh38oSUUpIL9ViABNWQJ1kT4PG6CN0 (P.S- I made it long time ago) Thank you for supports, Have a nice day, Martin
  7. Hi! Do you know guys how to resolve problem with size of screen? On computer and emulators it's good but after download game from googleplay the buttons is SOO SMALL
  8. Did you read the problem man? @up >.> I don;t have a problem with testing lel
  9. After that every low antivirus is trying to call my setup "virus" and delete that setup
  10. There is problem only after download from GooglePlay. Becouse in build console etc, it all working fine. Don't know why the hell it isn't working
  11. I don't have android, my friend show me that level is not loading. I tested a lot a lot of scripts to button becouse no one worked. Simple is OnMouseDown, i tested also inputs etc.
  12. Hello! I have very very sad problem for me. I tested my few games after publish them on googleplay store. I thought the problem is with buttons (button didn't work after click) but in new game I saw that the button is working, but new scene is not loading. Anyone know why it is like that? There is a applications: And with working button: Games are working very well in PC and after test on smartphone( that is connecting via USB with PC.)
  13. I have my own texture with script (this script should load level after touch) but it doesn't every single time every single script. I tried mousedown
  14. Hello! I have a big big big problem with texture button on mobile devices. When I did upload my game the buttons doesn't work. I tried every script to input buttons, i tried canvas, i tried onmousedown, i tried everything. Is there any script to "when finger click on gui.texture- load level (x)">>> Can you help me, or give any script? Really i tried everything that's why I please for this becouse maybe it's for texture something else (i Mean the other method or script). Thank you, Martin