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  1. I've a child... And im sure... that i had more sex in those few Years than you...
  3. We made a new Weapon-Sway-Script that looks a little bit like the one from Battlefield +
  4. The Development of Sounds of War has been started again with the Partnership of Dark30 , Polypixel and Speedtree ! (Yep... Speedtree and Polypixel... that's right)
  5. - Deleted -
  6. we had this video from days ago... and since we stopped working on this game, why should i not upload that video to show how the game was looking ?
  7. huh? o.O.... Of Course there will be an option for that o.O
  8. New Weapon ! the Viper !
  9. we will not post any videos 'till the game is done and ready to be released ... or if im drunk and dont know what i do... thanks !
  10. We really liked the name, and im sure, it will stay like that... ​Btw, these people are new in our Team ! #Alexiano - Coder #Josh - Level Designer #Joey - 3D Artist #Johannes - Animator ​#Christian - Community Manager ​#Gianluca - Animator #Stephan - UI/GFX/VFX Artist
  11. and again... someone who dont know the concept of Sounds of War...
  12. Well... new update Opposite Games (my team) is now merged with Dark30 Studios. We're now more than 17 People working on Sounds of War and on a other game ... what is private for now ... Dark30 Studios has People from uConstruct and Speedtree in it... Means, our Level Editor will have uConstruct and Speedtree build in ... (with speedtree, i mean just many trees, not the whole software lol..)
  13. what about a standalone client for creating dedicated servers? ... that would be cool than creating directly one in the game that gets closed if you leave it :3....