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  3. Merged. Got it to render as it should. Since OpenGL uses right hand coordinates and unity uses... left hand with inversed (positive) x (+x, +y, +z) I had to flip the camera, inverse the x transformation (+x) and negate the view matrix (-x) to flip x world coordinates. The model then get flipped inside out once I inverse the x (+x) the vertice positions so I had to cull the front face instead of the back. A lot of fiddling but it's working... hopefully for good. We will see once I add light calculations edit: Even better, just negated the transformations z and inversed (+z) the view matrix. Then inverted the z in the vertex shader and culled the front face. Now I don't have to flip the camera
  4. Added Travis CI integration as a pull request
  5. Yesterday
  6. Merged. If the mesh isn't triangulated or there were no included uvs or normals it will throw that error. Basically just saying the format of the mesh is not what's it's expecting
  7. Added an Apache Ant installer + linux natives as a pull request. Couldn't compile the CoreComponent without a shader error saying: 0(1) : error C0206: invalid token "core" in version line res/Shaders/CoreVertex.txt could not compile. Make sure that uv's are included in file Java Result: 255
  8. Ya, I'll get around to that eventually. Some of the code itself has to be changed as the code I'm using to to import only works within the ide at the moment. It's not that much more that has to be added to compile as a standalone but I haven't had the need to add it yet. the rest of the stuff is things like compiling to a jar and turning it into an executable, then adding the resources and recompiling to hide them. But I will write up a compiling instructional once I get to that point. Right now I want to focus get the core engine to where it needs to be
  9. Could you perhaps write some instructions on compiling and executing from source (without IDE) the Engine in the GitHub readme.
  10. Looking for team members that can help in my FPS Game, War Of Heroes Languages:Hungarian,English,German What im looking for: -Someone That Can Script. (Me And optionally +2) -Map Designers (1-3) -Sound Designer (Me and optionally +1) -Texture Design (1-2) -Someone that can Make 3D Models / Animate (1-3) You Can Also Contact Me at:
  11. v0.01b will be available soon. Having some issues getting the right view matrix and/or transformation matrix to match unitys. Everything is working, just have debug the matrices being sent to the shader to get the proper projection axis. Once the matrices are fixed, I will post it. 0.001b will include unity scene exporting for gameobjects, transform, cameras, mesh renderer / filter and exporting if used textures, materials and mesh. Just hit the export button in unity, select the res path and click play in DevEngine, simple as that
  12. qual versão do unity vc usou? ----------------------------------- What version of Unity did you use?
  13. I would like to understand why this code doesn't work : Debug.Log(SceneManager.GetSceneByBuildIndex(SceneManager.GetActiveScene().buildIndex + 1).name); However this one works : Debug.Log(SceneManager.GetSceneByBuildIndex(SceneManager.GetActiveScene().buildIndex).name); We cannot increment buildIndex :/
  14. The last part of the link: !pERlcjkbQreoEcmAk9q4s6oyfiAn5qPHy47G9cXYnmY
  15. Looks like it should work from what I've read about it. Not sure why that's happening
  16. Hi all! I have a little problem with this code, trying to get the name of the next scene which is really in the build settings : string lvlx = GetNextSceneName(); string GetNextSceneName() { // current scene index int activeSceneBuildIndex = SceneManager.GetActiveScene().buildIndex; // check if there is another scene after this one if (activeSceneBuildIndex + 1 < SceneManager.sceneCountInBuildSettings) return SceneManager.GetSceneByBuildIndex(activeSceneBuildIndex + 1).name; // get the name? else // no more scene return string.Empty; } My string is always null. Have you an idea?
  17. what is the password for the hands file ? =c
  18. Hello there, what is the password of the file ?
  19. Last week
  20. The image effects are a standard asset that should have been downloaded when you installed Unity. Depending on if you selected it or not when you installed. . e If not, you can download the standard assets here:!/content/32351 Here are some more free image effects if you want some more advanced ones:!/content/51515
  21. Can I have the download link of that effects pack thanks in advance
  22. For me this file is going to nch and i cant put it to my game
  23. Hey, I'm struggling with this simple thing! I would like to rename the player's gameObject when it is connected to the game. I'm using UNET. I've tried using ClientRPC but I always got an error: RPC function is called on client. This is what I have so far, but it doesn't work: void Start() { RpcRenamePlayer(); } [ClientRpc] void RpcRenamePlayer() { = "Player" + netId; }
  24. ggj17

    To destroy a gameobject, use simply Destroy and use OnTriggerEnter to check collision. However you must have a rigidbody :
  25. Hi!!!! I am creating a 2D project..... The Following are the Objects Used 1) Player - Gameobject 2) Spawn Location - Array 3) Max & Min Range - Int 4) Powerup - Gameobject From last one week i am stuck with this issue.... ---> I want to spawn the powerup at random location.. but need to check if the player reaches the nearest spawnlocation... But the powerup should only spawn once.... And as the player collects the Powerup the spawn location should get reset and again the second nearest location should get set in the spawnlocation array.... Code:- if (spawnpointreset == false) { spawnlocation = spawnpoint[UnityEngine.Random.Range(0 , spawnpoint.Length)]; spawnpointreset = true; } Vector2 playerPos = Player.transform.position; Vector2 spawnpos1 = spawnlocation.transform.position; if ((Vector2.Distance (playerPos, spawnpos1) <= maxrange) && spawned == false) { Debug.Log ("Hey Spawn Manager is Working"); powerupspawn (); // as the spawn should only do work once.. and reset the spawn location.... } } void powerupspawn() { Instantiate (powerup, spawnlocation.transform.position, spawnlocation.transform.rotation); spawned = true; spawnpointreset = false; } }
  26. figured by myself... solved... can someone tell me a simple way to ad tooltip when inventory slot is highlighted??
  27. ggj17

    BTW i'm in the lab rightnow.. do you have any idea how to destroy a gameobject on triggerenter2d ? The object is image not an object you thinking 'bout BUMP 3 hours left
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