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  2. ty for the info
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  4. Has no one kit?
  5. It's a tile set editor pretty much. You can make tiles, import and export tile sets and individual tiles. Basically a paint editor dedicated to tilesets
  6. Working on games make you fell better

    1. themars2011


      I dont like to fall though

  7. Hi am Rami 

    30 % code


  8. What UPaint does, is it something to paint in unity or?
  9. Final update for anyone wondering. Exactly 2 weeks after price drop to free. Look at those cheap little weasels go:
  10. Yesterday
  11. as far as i know you need to send the password as clear text (could be wrong about that since that doesnt make sence) in oder to log in to googles smtp, could be different with other mail servers but even if it will encrypt your password you could reverse engeneer the password by reversing the actual binary or just scan for strings in the binary... not sure but you might actually be able to find the password string in memory at runtime (all those operations might take a little time tho.)
  12. SSL encryption doesn't work for sending - only for message?
  13. To solve my problem, I use OBS Studio to record my project, and LightWorks to edit my video with the best quality. Together these tools allows to create a video in HD. Well done ++
  14. Pretty helpful (Y) i just wanted to note here that it might be pretty unsafe to use since you have to provide the password for your email account. That way it could be hacked via reverse engeneering or pretty simple network/traffic sniffing/monitoring (for egs. using wireshark) so be aware of that
  15. Thanks OMA! That worked perfectly!
  16. void Start () { for(int i = 0; i < namesThatAreNotAllowed.Count; i++){ Debug.Log (namesThatAreNotAllowed[i].ToLower()); namesThatAreNotAllowed[i] = namesThatAreNotAllowed[i].ToLower(); } }
  17. @OcularCash - thanks for that! I can convert a single string to lower case letters. The issue for me is converting a list of strings inside a list to lower case letters.
  18. Here's an example of usage. It's from my advanced eval system I made for an app a company is using. I'm there right now, hence why I had to open the code in wordpad lmao if your having troubles storing the lowercase string, use it directly to compare as shown in the picture
  19. Putting x = x.ToLower () does not work because it is a foreach iteration variable therefor you cannot assign x. I may be wrong though
  20. Welcome to the Forums! I'd also recommend using OMA's FPS kit. It is definitely a great starting point.
  21. x = x.ToLower(); ToLower() returns type string instead of changing it directly
  22. Thanks! This is going to help a lot!
  23. Best HTTP (Pro Edition) View File Asset Store Submitter YoungDeveloper Submitted 02/28/2017 Category ADG Assets  
  24. then look in unity asset store.
  25. No, I need a kit with weapons and cars. Sorry
  26. in your kit? you are making kit, or game? you can find vehicle in latest version of FPS Kit:
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