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  4. Happy birthday to them both!
  5. Sounds good. Probably will tomorrow. Doing birthdays for 2 of my sons today
  6. Sounds good bro cant wait to see you post some previews of it! btw i updated my game so if you want to try it then the new build is up
  7. It's a story book game... the kingdoms are split up into different storybook lands. 1 kingdom may be a Dracula type kingdom with zombies (from graves, not the new age) with vampires and werewolves and another kingdom maybe like Hansel and Gretal with candy opponents and witches. So each kingdom is themed. The goal is collect keys from each boss of each kingdom to open the door back to reality. The Magnificent Mind of Delirious Devon and the Hunt for Home... is what I'm thinking the name will be. Fits the story of a boy trapped in a delusional world making his way back to reality. Trapped in an open world environment that was said to be fairy tales edit: might change it from collecting keys to collecting pieces of his mind
  8. It looks really nice and simple what is the game gonna be about ?
  9. My character models are very simple and easy to make. Every model uses the same base mesh and I just extrude things here and there and change the skin. Here is the zombie that just uses extrusions based on the main character
  10. Thanks mate I would love to have a other kind of models and stuff but i doesnt have money enough to pay for some customes ones but i look forward to see your game and yea i agree with you that this style is kinda overused but i am the person that goes after the art style i really like and doesnt think that much about the art styles that are overused Thanks for looking! and giving me some feedback!
  11. Looks good. My kind of art style. Not really feeling the character poly tho. I like the skin but the boxy character is throwing it off, I guess just bc it's so overused. Big reason why I'm personally doing a melon head character bc it hasn't been used too much since the 90's edit: and by the way, great thinking on the dark skinned character, don't really see that much
  12. In short no , its not worth watching. Sub-par acting and pretty bad setting.
  13. ggj17

    And the theme for the GGJ 2017 is WAVES. Hum... Interesting. I guess that will be many games with zombies or monsters waves
  14. Last week
  15. Thanks erarnitox. Just finished scene file importing. It's pretty basic but it does the job for the moment. It will be more complex in the future initializing new classes ON classes and blahdy blahdy blah, but don't really need it just yet. Here is what it currently looks like: &TestObject 0,0,0 0,0,0 1,1,1 >engine/Camera >engine/MeshRenderer/Flowers,Default >game/Test &TestObject2 1,0,0 0,0,0 1,1,1 >engine/MeshRenderer/Cube,Default "&" Tells me the name of the gameobject to be instantiated in the scene. The first 3 lines after tells me the position, rotation and scale of the transform. ">" Tells me that there is a component attached. "engine/camera" Tells me the script I want to add is in the engine package and it's name is camera. "engine/MeshRenderer/Cube,Default" Tells me that I should add a MeshRenderer found in the engine package with the a mesh named "Cube" and a material named "Default". At this current moment, The only way to create a scene file and edit it is by hand and typing it up. Once I get around to it, I will make a scene exporter for Unity so you can use Unity as a scene builder and export the scene file and run it in DevEngine. There will also be an editor in DevEngine but it won't be at the scale of Unity, basically just to add components to objects and change there variables and so on. Here is the importer in Java so you can see how it loads in code: /////Import a scene save file from disk public static void ImportScene(String filePath, String fileName) { //Create an empty file reader FileReader fr = null; //Try to open the file at the given path try { fr = new FileReader(new File(filePath)); } //If the path doesn't exist, print and error and the stack trace catch(FileNotFoundException e) { System.err.println("Couldn't load file"); e.printStackTrace(); } //Create a new buffered reader and initialize a temp string BufferedReader reader = new BufferedReader(fr); String line; //Try to parse try { //Read the first line and create a temp GameObject variable line = reader.readLine(); GameObject go; //If the line at this moment is an object if(line.startsWith("&")) { //While the line at this moment is an object while(line.startsWith("&")) { //Set a new GameObject in the temp variable and read in it's transformations go = new GameObject(line.replaceAll("&", "")); String[] position = reader.readLine().split(","); String[] rotation = reader.readLine().split(","); String[] scale = reader.readLine().split(","); //Parse and set the transformations on the GameObject go.transform.position.Set(Float.parseFloat(position[0]), Float.parseFloat(position[1]), Float.parseFloat(position[2])); go.transform.rotation.Set(Float.parseFloat(rotation[0]), Float.parseFloat(rotation[1]), Float.parseFloat(rotation[2])); go.transform.scale.Set(Float.parseFloat(scale[0]), Float.parseFloat(scale[1]), Float.parseFloat(scale[2])); //Trim the spaces out of the beginning of the line if any line = reader.readLine().trim(); //If the line is component information if(line.startsWith(">")) { //While the line is component information while(line.startsWith(">") && go != null) { //Parse the string and add the component to the current GameObject String[] path = line.replaceAll(">", "").split("/"); go.AddComponent(path[0], path[1]); //If the component is a MeshRenderer if(path[1].equals("MeshRenderer")) { //Get the added MeshRenderer and parse the variables out MeshRenderer mR = (MeshRenderer) go.GetComponent("MeshRenderer"); String[] visuals = path[2].split(","); //If the MeshRenderer is not null (Just a safety check. Should never be null at this point) if(mR != null) { //If the mesh for this renderer is not supposed to be null, find and attach it if(!visuals[0].equals("null")) { mR.mesh(Mesh.Find(visuals[0])); } //If the material for this renderer is not supposed to be null, find and attach it if(!visuals[1].equals("null")) { mR.material = Material.Find(visuals[1]); } } } //Read in the next line line = reader.readLine(); //If the line is not null, trim out the spaces like before if(line != null) { line = line.trim(); } //If it is not, break out else break; } } //If the line is null, break out if(line == null) break; } } //Close the reader reader.close(); } //If the file isn't parsing properly catch (IOException e) { //Print the stack trace e.printStackTrace(); } } Pretty simple to understand but like I said, at the moment, it's still quite basic. I've also go most of the primitives class done, so primitives are generated by code on start and stored into memory. As you can see in the scene file, the mesh "Cube" is actually using the Cube primitive that is now built in. The gui is still barebones and non operational tho. I will not begin GUI until I finish the PostProcessing Pipeline because the gui will participate at the end inside of an fbo (Frame Buffer Object, same buffer type as what postprocessing uses). Edit: Finished adding loading variables in custom game scripts. You will need to add a function like this to your script: public void Set(String[] v){} Inside this function, you will just need to parse it and add to the corresponding variables. The reason this system does it like this is that unlike normal game engines, I am removing 99% of all reflection calls and setting variables in normal engines indeed use reflection to get and set variables that contain custom (public) properties. My engine will ofcourse not, but will need to add the Get and Set function and tell the parser which variables you want to save and load for a specific class and parse the variable information to set them
  16. You need to replace it with other model made by you or bought by you ! if you want to sell your game
  17. Sorry for my ignorance but... what do you mean with "a placeholder"?
  18. I wanna be a tester! i submit Contact:
  19. actually i dont think translatin the engine from java to c# is the way to go. -none of both can be translated in to native code directly -syntax of both languages are basicly the same -performance (on windows) is basicly the same on unix systems c# is defenitly slower (cause of mono/wine) -c# depends on .net (windows only) / java depends on jvm (nearly all os supported) (that makes porting the engine to another os extremely easy) i dont know if its just me but i think you should at least keep the java source since i really dont see any advantage in coding it in c# (exept already existing liberies, wich could also be translated in to java within days) p.s. i do really support your effort and of cause you are free to do whatever you want with your engine. Also according to your previous posts you made on this forum im sure the engine will turn out to be really well done. All i want to say is: Keep up the good work (Y)
  20. It is not a bad movie, but it is clearly made for people who didn't played AC. It has no references, or any specific connections that you will only understand if you played the game. The CGI work is pretty amazing though, I think it worth watching.
  21. Hello Buddies.. The global game jam will start in 5:00 pm.. which means 2 hours left.. Anyone will be online to help me if they can ?
  22. ive actually stress tested ongui with texture guis (1drawcall per GUI) that will give you a good idea about approx drawcall frame dropping. This is testing strictly draw calls, you also have to factor in vert count when dealing with drawcalls with mesh. This test test was done on an average pc. As you can see, fps isn't affected much by thousands of drawcalls with mesh drawcalls, drawcalls don't matter much, it's the very count that kills you the most. I can bog a decent pc with 10 draw calls with the right mesh
  23. Thanks OMA, I agree with that. what do you think would be a high count?
  24. Anyone seen the assassins creed film? im not sure if its worth watching, this was the only positive review I could find:
  25. Hi, for standalone it is acceptable. Try to keep draw calls as low as possible, because not all players have high end PC's.
  26. Hey everyone! I have a quick question, I have been developing my level for a while now and it has come along really really well. I was wondering how many draw calls are decent for a big terrain (2000x2000) I understand everything about optimization and how to do it i just wanna know what you guys are experiencing for your games so far I heard anything over 2,000 calls can be bad? any thoughts about this. Thanks!
  27. WILL BE ADDING A NEWER VERSION LATER TODAY! Hey guys! So i have been working on my new game for 2 weeks now and it is turning out pretty good i think! The game is a Wave Survival game but insted of guns it is with melee weapons like swords, claws, maces and much more! For now everything i had worked on for the most part is coding it but not so much with the map or other 3D models but will add much more just wanted to share my game with you guys/girls! Q&A. Q). How do i start a new wave ? A). Click "R" when you are ready to start the next wave! Q). How do i control my character ? A). If you hold down rightclick then the character will move to the mouse pos. Q). How do i attack the monsters ? A 1). When you right click on the monster it will run to it if the monster isnt in attack range else it will rotate to the monster so it faces it. A 2). When you want to use your skills you click on one of these (1, 2, 3, 4) each key uses a skill + using "Q" will heal your character. (It is the keys below Esc). Sorry for not being better at explainig everything xD Thanks to @jolo309 for helping when i fucked up and got stuck! Download link here : Testing_1.1.rar Some pictures from the game!
  28. It's three years old, what did you expect?
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