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Armed Assault: The Fall Summer Update



Hey Guys, I know i probaly should have written this when summer actual began but anyways I released a summer update for Armed Assault: The Fall, and currently i'm happy with its stage just gonna add some minor updates during the summers such as and Obstcle Course and a cutscene for the Training camp just to make the game feel more polished and right now!!!!! i am working on the Multiplayer there wont be any testing during this summer (Maybe) but it's really early and not finalized.

What is in the Summer Update


-New Gun G36C and M9 Pistol

-New Gun Shader

-Settings (Not working it is still W.I.P)


-Re-Made Training course (Now it is much more user frendily)

-UI has been resized and positioned

-Mouse sensitivity has been lowered


-Walking upstairs gltich has been solved

New Problems:

-If you shoot in the middle of the tutorial the UI will disappear

-At someplaces you can shoot and the bullets will hit invisable walls

Anyways i hope that you enjoy this update and find that it is a massive improvement on the last one


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