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Armed Assault: The Fall Alpha Released




Hey Guys, I'm WalkerPointZero and in case you didn't know I am developing a game called Armed Assault: The Fall. This is a tactical First-Person-Shooter game which I made using Unity, Autodesk Maya and Cubase. If you couldn't already tell from the obvious title I've released an early alpha version of my game, because of it's current stage I would say that you will 100% find some bugs or glitches and if it's not that then things that are in the game that you dislike, if there is anything then please tell me as this will help me to improve my game massively.

If you want to play, you can find my game on:

Game Jolt:

Itch. io:


Please play the Web Player Version as that one is up to date with the game the downloadable files are old version of the game and does not contain the improvements that I have made but I will be uploading downloadable versions soon

Credits to Battle of Union as I did use there fps kit to kick-start this game check out there YouTube channel for more unity kits and assets as well there game.


WalkerPointZero please add credits , and put (battle of union fps kit 1.0)  please , i share it free but , you need the tell people you used kit ...

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Thanks for telling me, I'll be adding them in now 

Also I already knew that and I haven't forgotten

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