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everything about development stages

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ShatterZ renamed to Unleased!


Hey guys. Just want to show you a short SneakPeak of my Game. Currently based on the FPS Kit (Thanks for this!)

The whole Multiplayer Stuff is running on a lightwight connection which works of any kind of Server (Windows / Linux)
There is no server side calculation and the socket just acts as a transporter. check out the current stage here:






Patchnotes / Devlog:

DevLog (23.10.2015) :
-Procedural terrain generation with serverside seed is 80% done.
-fixxed some persormance issues on position sync of players (saved ~2% cpu per 20 players)


DevLog (09.11.2015) :
- terrain improvements
-enemys working over network




What kind of game is this?


i dont know! at the moment im just playing arround with everything. just for fun. my first thought was a survival fps with a wight touch of an tower defence game.
so you have to loot stuff to build up a base and defence yourselfe against the horde.
you can play together with friends, team up to hold your first place on the leaderboard.
or you can be the evil one who destroys other players struktures and weapons to be the only one who will survive this nightmare.
thats all i know so far. so let me continue to play arround :P


Source: Unleached [survival]

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