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About this blog

A list of game concepts that I would love to put into production, but just don't have the time to make. Feel free to use these ideas for your own games

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Code War Z

Code War Z is a concept similar to Plants vs Zombies. It's a tower defense concept that uses code to place things, regenerate things, etc... For instance, having a grid on the map, on the sides of the screen have 0 - ? To represent x and another to represent y. A user can type a command like so: Place("MachineGun", Vector2(2, 2)); which would place a machine gun at the position 2,2. Typing Regenerate(Vector2(2,2)); would shut down the machine gun until it is fully regenerated or until you type ReadyUp(Vector2(2,2)); which will stop regeneration and begin engaging targets again.

Unlike plants vs zombies however, you have a defensive position and offensive target. Goal being first one to get 20 ai through wins, giving the players the need to defend and attack and plan strategies. Faster typers will have the upper hand on speed command memorizing players will have the upper hand on utilizing more equipment. But also limiting the users to only having up to 15 equipment/ai out at a time.

Hope you all like this concept and happy developing

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