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About this blog

This is a Blog about my game Armed Assault

Entries in this blog


Hello Guys, Its been a long time since the last blog, but i haven't given up on the game yet!

The game has been renamed to Tango Down as it is a much more better title than Armed Assault (which is the acronym for ARMA)

also the files for Armed Assault got deleted.

Anyways continuing on, I've started to upload the updates for Tango Down down on YouTube and i have finally made a studio somewhere on earth with some amazing teammates to help me with the project.

Check out out most recent update to the game and support us on YouTube


Hey Guys, I know i probaly should have written this when summer actual began but anyways I released a summer update for Armed Assault: The Fall, and currently i'm happy with its stage just gonna add some minor updates during the summers such as and Obstcle Course and a cutscene for the Training camp just to make the game feel more polished and right now!!!!! i am working on the Multiplayer there wont be any testing during this summer (Maybe) but it's really early and not finalized.

What is in the Summer Update


-New Gun G36C and M9 Pistol

-New Gun Shader

-Settings (Not working it is still W.I.P)


-Re-Made Training course (Now it is much more user frendily)

-UI has been resized and positioned

-Mouse sensitivity has been lowered


-Walking upstairs gltich has been solved

New Problems:

-If you shoot in the middle of the tutorial the UI will disappear

-At someplaces you can shoot and the bullets will hit invisable walls

Anyways i hope that you enjoy this update and find that it is a massive improvement on the last one


Hey Guys, Just some news on the next update for Armed Assault: The Fall


-New Gun (M4A1 with Holographic sight)


-Whole game has been optimized for better performance

-Everything has been re-written in C#

-Re-made the training map

-re-positioned the UI (for the HUD)

-using new shaders for the map


-Player can now walk up the stairs with no hassle

-Sensitivity has been lowered (Settings menu will be created soon)

Work in Progress:

-Settings menu

-In-game cutscene

-Scene fade in and out

-New soundtrack

You can play Armed Assault on Game Jolt:


Hey Guys, I'm WalkerPointZero and in case you didn't know I am developing a game called Armed Assault: The Fall. This is a tactical First-Person-Shooter game which I made using Unity, Autodesk Maya and Cubase. If you couldn't already tell from the obvious title I've released an early alpha version of my game, because of it's current stage I would say that you will 100% find some bugs or glitches and if it's not that then things that are in the game that you dislike, if there is anything then please tell me as this will help me to improve my game massively.

If you want to play, you can find my game on:

Game Jolt:

Itch. io:


Please play the Web Player Version as that one is up to date with the game the downloadable files are old version of the game and does not contain the improvements that I have made but I will be uploading downloadable versions soon

Credits to Battle of Union as I did use there fps kit to kick-start this game check out there YouTube channel for more unity kits and assets as well there game.

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