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Our community blogs

  1. New Update is up!!! Check the update here(Web):


    WASD: Move
    Left Click: Fire
    Right Click: Aim
    Scroll Wheel: Change Weapon
    Number #1,#2: Change Weapon
    Number #3: Knife
    Number #4: Grenade
    Scroll Wheel Click: Grenade
    Space: Jump
    Shift: Sprint/Run
    Ctrl: Crouch
    C: Prone
    Q: Knife
    F: Enable/Disable Flashlight
    R: Reload
    P: Pause Menu
    Escape: Pause Menu/Page Up in Menu
  2. I announce that public Open Beta v0.1 Test version will be out at November 15.

    More information on calendar event here:

    More Information about the project

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    Hey guys and girls, I have decided to post all my 3D models that I have done this year. Now you may think there are not a lot for 3 months work but I have been busy with other things.

    Here are all the models in 2013:













  3. Hello Guys, Its been a long time since the last blog, but i haven't given up on the game yet!

    The game has been renamed to Tango Down as it is a much more better title than Armed Assault (which is the acronym for ARMA)

    also the files for Armed Assault got deleted.

    Anyways continuing on, I've started to upload the updates for Tango Down down on YouTube and i have finally made a studio somewhere on earth with some amazing teammates to help me with the project.

    Check out out most recent update to the game and support us on YouTube

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    Been Very Busy lately start few projects started to make my own game updater that check with dedicated server i have to see what new and reports back to user started work on my website and small android game

    started ftp file sharing system it small but i could allow people about 20 people with 12gb of space for there project with there own ftp username and password

    whant to know more pm me

    More info in good time

  4. blog-0664278001430412934.png

    So it looks a bit weird in User Perspective. For some reason the textures wouldn't render properly in Rendered or Texture View, so not sure what's going on there.

    But this is my I believe what is called Remington 03A4 Sniper Rifle model.

    It doesn't look amazing but it looks okay in my opinion :d

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    Code War Z is a concept similar to Plants vs Zombies. It's a tower defense concept that uses code to place things, regenerate things, etc... For instance, having a grid on the map, on the sides of the screen have 0 - ? To represent x and another to represent y. A user can type a command like so: Place("MachineGun", Vector2(2, 2)); which would place a machine gun at the position 2,2. Typing Regenerate(Vector2(2,2)); would shut down the machine gun until it is fully regenerated or until you type ReadyUp(Vector2(2,2)); which will stop regeneration and begin engaging targets again.

    Unlike plants vs zombies however, you have a defensive position and offensive target. Goal being first one to get 20 ai through wins, giving the players the need to defend and attack and plan strategies. Faster typers will have the upper hand on speed command memorizing players will have the upper hand on utilizing more equipment. But also limiting the users to only having up to 15 equipment/ai out at a time.

    Hope you all like this concept and happy developing

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    ShatterZ renamed to Unleased!


    Hey guys. Just want to show you a short SneakPeak of my Game. Currently based on the FPS Kit (Thanks for this!)

    The whole Multiplayer Stuff is running on a lightwight connection which works of any kind of Server (Windows / Linux)
    There is no server side calculation and the socket just acts as a transporter. check out the current stage here:






    Patchnotes / Devlog:

    DevLog (23.10.2015) :
    -Procedural terrain generation with serverside seed is 80% done.
    -fixxed some persormance issues on position sync of players (saved ~2% cpu per 20 players)


    DevLog (09.11.2015) :
    - terrain improvements
    -enemys working over network




    What kind of game is this?


    i dont know! at the moment im just playing arround with everything. just for fun. my first thought was a survival fps with a wight touch of an tower defence game.
    so you have to loot stuff to build up a base and defence yourselfe against the horde.
    you can play together with friends, team up to hold your first place on the leaderboard.
    or you can be the evil one who destroys other players struktures and weapons to be the only one who will survive this nightmare.
    thats all i know so far. so let me continue to play arround :P


    Source: Unleached [survival]

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  5. Probably will only work on this if Steam is down or anything else prohibits me from working on Vengeance, or if Im waiting for my team members to finish something and I got nothing else on hold.

    So today the first was the case for ~2 hours and this is the result on my side:



    If anyone wants to help me out with models + textures (From scratch, please.) Just shoot me a pm.

    Dunno when I'll continue working on this. For now I got a  lot to do with Vengeance as Steam is back up.

    Your thoughts?


    Also © for Star Wars goes to Disney obviously